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  1. What is with the prices of some of these new bags??? I love Coach and all, but for $600, I'm spending a few $$ more and getting an LV! Anyone else surprised by how pricy this new collection is???:wtf: :wtf:
  2. I think if a person has the mindset that no matter how the bag looks, LV is always better than Coach, then why buy Coach at all? Wouldn't that just be settling for a Coach because of price point?

    Coach prices have been going up (as have LV prices, with three increases last year and another scheduled for February 2007), but when you look at the bags, they are completely different from LV. Plus, they have always carried limited edition bags and exotic skin bags that run into the thousands.

    I think what it comes down to is that this line is new, different and perhaps aimed at a different customer. But Coach still is able to appeal to far more customers than is LV because they don't automatically dismiss a market by pricing them out from the get-go. There are a number of Coach bags I'd rather carry and pay that sort of money for than a Speedy where thousands upon thousands of women carry an identical bag.

  3. Nicely put HauteMama. I do admire the LV bags and am at a point where I could afford some of the less expensive ones, but those monograms are everywhere and I can tell when some are fake but not all. I have heard that most of them ARE fake. And I am probably the only one that feels this way but to me the multicolor monogram D&B looks nicer than the multi color LV in my opinion.
    But I really love my Coach!
  4. it's always interesting how people say "oh, for just a little more i can get lv". and, yes, that's techcnically true. but with that statement, that i hear oh-so-many times, it's assuming lv is better than coach.
    and while many people would disagree with me, i really don't think lv is better. more expensive doesn't mean better. (though if you were comparing coach to, say, hermes...well...we won't argue that point!!!)
    lv appeals to a certain set. i personally don't like very much lv has to offer- the rampant fakes turn me off. in the bag hierarchy, i'll skip over lv.
    so, honestly, if you don't like the prices, don't buy the bags. simple enough. if you really just want a lv, go ahead. but i would MUCH rather buy a few coach bags for the price of ONE lv (or pretty much any other brand).
    and, yes, this collection is pricey. but so is every other's the point?

  5. ITA, kallison. I don't think LV is necessarily better either, and with all the complaints being registered lately (simply check out the threads for all the problems posted), I think I would rather have a few Coach bags to one LV.
  6. agreed,
    and, if the quality is comparable...would you rather have the quantity?!
  7. You know, LV is nice and all. I have my eye on a few but how many LV monograms or damier pieces do you need. Those are the ones that are bit more than Coach.

    I actually like how some of the pieces are more expensive so I it makes them a little more exclusive. I haven't as many people with the legacy collection as the usual totes and bags. Someone thought my leather Ali was fake because they've "never seen a Coach like that". Hah, biatchhhesss!! :rolleyes:

  8. Oh yes! Give me more Coach bags---the more the merrier!
  9. i've gotten some lovely pm's and emails from pf'ers...
    they say the only reason i don't like lv is that i can't afford it.
    which makes me sad to think they can make assumptions about my finances. if i wanted lv, i would buy lv. end of story.

    i've said it once, and i'll say it until i'm blue in the face. dissing "lower" brands for certain pieces and excluding "higher" brands same version (essentially) doesn't work. hate dooney's multicolor? then you gotta hate lv's. hate coach's signature pieces? then you gotta hate lv's, too.
  10. kallison, with the number of Coach bags you have I can't believe anyone would assume you couldn't afford LV! How incredibly rude!
  11. even if all i owned were wal-mart bags, how DARE anyone assume ANYTHING about me and what i can (or cannot) afford...:cursing:

    (and i don't really have that many bags...i'm just terribly indecisive and i get bored quite i buy a bunch)
  12. Very true. It often seems that people who buy LV seem to think they are so exclusive that everyone else must want what they have, when, in fact, they really don't! A higher price point doesn't necessarily define either a bag or its owner as having better taste, more money or anything else.
  13. and i'm certainly not picking on the lv people (i love you guys, i really do). but it seems like there is more rivalry with them. or something.
  14. OMG, I can't believe people would PM you with stuff like that. :sad: That just doesn't sound that nice at all. :crybaby:
  15. I am new here but already noticed that there seems to be a hierarchy on the main forum.