Resort collection?


Aug 5, 2007
I was at the mall today and I saw a large selection of Coach bags in Bloomingdales that I believe are part of the resort collection. They were in all leather (really soft leather!) and one of the styles had a drawstring closure if that helps identify the collection. Particularly, I liked a bag similar to the drawstring one, but this one did not have the drawstring and I believe the price was $358. My problem was that I have a gift card to the Coach store and when I went there after, I didn't see any of those items and they are not on the website either. Do you know if the stores haven't gotten this collection in yet or if it is older? Thanks for your help and sorry for the long post!


Jan 7, 2009
Take a picture of the item or get the item and style number from what you've seen in the store. Then go to the coach store and ask for that item and style number.


Rock n Roll 'Ho
Mar 25, 2008
From the sounds of it those are probably the new "Parker" line of bags that you are wanting...
Do a search here using the word Parker in quotation marks and some threads on the bag will come up.
Some ladies have had luck getting them to come up using the keyword "Prkr" on

I know that I have seen a few threads on here recently about them....

I find it funny that Macys and other department stores have these bags in stock and on display before Coach does!
Also keep in mind that sometimes there are department store exclusive bags that you can only get in certain non-boutiques stores.

After you find out what the style # is on the bag that you are wanting take that number to the boutique and order it there using your GC.