Resort 2017 bags! (including a new Lady Dior size!!!)

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  1. For Cruise 2017, Dior has introduced a few new bags.

    The most notable is the new Lady Dior, sized between the mini and the medium. It features the easy-to-access flap closure and a wide cross-body strap. This size is perfect, with the bag being slim while large enough to carry daily essentials, and, above all, easy to get in and out of.

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  2. Love this size! Also seeing a return of logorama in some fun shapes
  3. A flap bag that has a bit of resemblance to the Be Dior and Dune bag is made utilitarian with the addition of a belt-strap (more akin to a fanny pack) and backpack straps. Some versions come with both straps. Seems a bit busy in my opinion. I wish the straps were detachable, but they aren't according to this prototype.

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  4. Yeah! I saw some logo bags and thought the same. They reminded me of Galliano's days at Dior, because he really made the Dior logo bags popular.
  5. Thank you for posting! Very interested in the new size.
  6. A few more bags, including the Diorama and Diorever (the new Diorever mini looks very slim).

    There is also a bowler bag that Dior has quietly introduced for resort 2016 this past season (but with chain handles) but hasn't expanded the line for. As well, there is a soft lambskin shopping tote.

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  7. Doesn't this print with the embroideries remind you of the Vintage Flowers line? I adored that line.

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  8. Yes!!! Totally!! Oh the nostalgia....
  9. Very nostalgic indeed. Those were really exciting Dior days. Not that things aren't exciting now, but Galliano's Dior was always full of surprising accessories that changed dramatically from season to season. Not sure if that makes for good investment pieces (they have changed that now), but it was definitely exciting to see the absolutely brand new handbag for each season.
  10. :crybaby: I was hoping to find a new bag to add to my collection. I'll keep hoping....
  11. I am sorry but the accessories / handbags are simply hideous in my own opinon. The only interesting thing is the new size of the Lady Dior ... The rest does not deserve to be in store !
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  12. I'm really looking forward to the new size of lady dior. I have a small lady but it's a bit too small for daily use, while the medium size looks too big on me and I'm not a big fan of the zipper closure. This new size with flap closure may just be the perfect bag for me. Normally I don't like brands making changes to their classic style but I'm so excited about this now!
  13. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464750331.253617.jpg

    Taken from IG, I'm feeling this bad boy! It seems like Dior is trying to do something like Loewe and come up with a bag that is a bit less classic and a bit more trendy? (ie sporty?)
  14. :true:
    I do like the diorama
  15. Loving that shade of caramel with the GHW. :loveeyes: Can't wait to see the new size and thank goodness for the flap closure.