Resort 2007 Show

  1. I just watched the footage on the BV site. The colours look beautiful. I wonder when this collection will hit the shops? There seem to be a few metallics in there.

    VKD :heart::heart::heart: BV
  2. Great minds think alike--I asked the Chicago store and they couldn't tell me. Anyone else have a well-informed SA with Resort '07 info??
  3. Not sure about the boutiques, but NM has their Resort look books already and they said they'd have the products in by November but for pre sale by late October. Their look book collection is *very* beefy if you happen to have something local to pop in and take a look through.
  4. ^^Thanks, Bunkie.
  5. I think some of the Resort pieces are on pre-order already, for example the brown stamped Veneta on NM!