Resort 06 Stams (Almond/Topaz/WhiteChiffon) are here!

  1. Stella (my SA from MJ store in LA) said her store just received another shipment of Stams ($1275USD) in these colors:

    White Chiffon: off-white, tan stitching
    Almond: a shade darker than white-chiffon, similar to Putty
    Topaz: teal, green with some blue undertone

    If interested, call Stella at 323-653-5100. =)
    8400 Melrose Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90069
  2. ^ Saddle Brown: orangy-brown, very rusty looking
  3. I saw some of these today, loved Almond and White Chiffon (they sound like the colours I saw). I think I liked Almond best :heart:

    Also saw a small quilted bag with a chain handle in Almond, not sure what the style is called but it's very cute :biggrin:
  4. Will they be available in stores such as Saks, Bloomies, etc. or only from an MJ store?
  5. Stams will be sold at other stores as well, however, they might not get all the colors. Nordstrom's Look Book only shows 3 colors: Black, White Chiffon, and Topaz. I haven't checked out NM's Look Book yet. Based on previous experiences, Bloomies' buyers tend to get the most colors (compared to other department stores).

    What color are you interested in? =)
  6. Topaaaaaazzzz!!!!! I need color in my life!
  7. ^ You will check out the color in real life? I'm glad that the colors are better than those from Fall 06. =)

    Forgot to mention about Black. The Black Little Stam (I saw at Saks) doesn't have dark black stitching. The stitching shows on the leather because it's lighter. The first batch of Fall 06's Black Stams have better leather (some sheen) and darker stiching than the following Fall 06's Black Stams (very matte leather & lighter stitching).
  8. I couldn't stand the fall 06 bags. The leather is way different than my Putty Stam. It seemed more texturized. If there is such a word.
  9. ^ Understood. =) The Resort 06 Stams have the same leather as Fall 06 Stams. =(
  10. I realize that I'm outing myself as utterly clueless, I see this word so often I know that I must be the only person on earth who does not know what it means, so will someone be kind enough to unwrap my head from the garment of ignorance and tell me the definition of the word "stam?"

    Thank you.
  11. ^^^ stam is the style of a Marc Jacobs bag named after Jessica Stam
  12. Thank you Harlem Cutie!

    According to Ms Stam's WikiPedia entry, it would appear that correct usage of the term would apply to that one particular model of bag, and that it is being subject to Xtreme misuse on eBay, to such an extent that I was unable to figure out what it meant!

    So thanks to your kindness in sharing your knowledge, not only do I know what it means, I also know what it does NOT mean, even though it appears to have assumed the status of meme on eBay, thus I do not feel quite as clueless for having to ask for a definition! :shame:
  13. White Chiffon, most definitely! Thanks for the information. I'll probably try Bloomies first and if I can't get it there, I'll try Nordstrom's. Really looking forward to purchasing this new color!:flowers:
  14. Is this Almond?
  15. [​IMG]and this is the mousey one, I think