Resolve is slipping--rock and chain or soft in chain?

  1. OK...I said no more black totes with silver hardware yet I find myself dreaming about the above two bags...
    for those of you who have seen both, which is your favorite? I'll try to post pix to this link...
  2. [​IMG]Rock and chain
  3. [​IMG]Soft and chain (but I'd want the black one, ofcourse!)
  4. Rock and chain..Hands down.I think itll be this seasons hottest bag
  5. I've seen the soft and chain in blush at the trunk show, the lambskin is sooo soft and supple...couldn't stop touching it!! I'm not sure if it was the color or from everyone touching the leather...ahem :sneaky: ....but the bag seemed dirty looking. If you were to get this bag, definitely get it in black.
  6. How big is the soft and chain?
  7. Soft and Chain gets my vote. Now that's a beautiful bag.

    Or, you know... just to be devilish... BOTH!
  8. I saw the rock and chain at a chanel trunk show and am concerned that it will be hard to open because the zipper sinks down into the bag when it slouches. The soft and chain is really soft and easy to use - plus the chain is different for chanel.
  9. I think soft and chain is TDF!!
  10. I don't like either; they look too plain for the price point. The body of the bag also looks too big in proportion to the chain. But if I had to choose I'd pick Soft and Chain.
  11. ^^Roey, you are always the one to try to keep me on track! :smile:
  12. Hmm, good point. I have the Modern Chain Hobo, which I do love, but since tis slouch and bigger, it isn't always the easiest to get in and out of. Definately can't get into quickly. And its usually a two hand operation to hold it to get it closed all the way.

    My darling BF complains constantly since it doesn't always get shut all the way. I tell him thats what he's there for to guard me.

    But if I think you like getting into bags quickly and easily, the rock and chain may have issues.
  13. i vote for soft and chain
  14. My vote is for the soft and chain. Verrrry nice.

  15. The "slope" of the zipper on rock and chain is much worse than on modern chain hobo and the leather is softer which complicates things! For $2300+, the bag has to be useable. :supacool: