Resolution Center Works!


Apr 5, 2008
I filed a SNAD yesterday for a wristwatch I recently won on Ebay. Description stated "high grade" pearls on the band and showed a $249 price tag. Sadly, the watch looked like something from the Dollar Store. Today, I received notice that the seller (after no response to 2 requests for a refund) had agreed to a full refund including S& H. Just thought I'd share my good news!!!
Oct 10, 2007
Good for you! I had a completely different experience with the resolution center...initially. I filed SNAD for a CD. I was sent the wrong CD and the seller agreed to send me the correct one. I won the auction for $0.99 plus $3 shipping. He told me his mistake was my gain and he'd send the replacement free of charge. 2 weeks later, I received nothing and saw that the seller is no longer registered on ebay so i filed the complaint. Paypal's resolution? Mail back the CD I received with a tracking number and I'll receive a refund, minus shipping. The hayle! The cost of the return would exceed the cost of shipping! When I called to bring this to their attention, they refunded my money.