Resoling shoes and boots

  1. Does anyone have any idea how much this should generally cost? I went to a cobbler today who wanted $45 for resoling my flats and $35 for my boots. I've never had to take shoes for resoling, so I thought that was a little high. I'm planning on taking them around to some other places, but wanted to know if the prices quoted were resonable.

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I bought a pair of pumps to a local reputable cobbler to resole and the prices are about the same as the one you are quoting... ~$45.
  3. $45 is what we pay in Seattle. Seems fair!
  4. i paid $30 last time i had a pair of boots done
  5. I know you can get shoes resoled in Michigan for $15....

    I'm hoping I'll be able to do this in Boston/New York for the same price....
  6. Thanks for the advice. I'm going to call around. I have three pairs of flats and a pair of boots that need to be resoled (I've had all these shoes for about 2 to 3 years). I don't know why I'm balking at spending a total of $150 to get them resoled. I guess I feel that way because the flats cost about $60 (except for the MJ ones that need to be resoled) and I got the boots on incredible sale for $70 from Ann Taylor.
  7. Do you need them completely resoled or just the tips redone?

    I just got new heels put in and leather "tips" for the pointy portion on some heels where they'd worn down. My shoe repair guy charges $16 for both services for each pair.

    To put a rubber "sole" bottom over the leather sole so that it lasts longer, he charges $18/pair. But I think he can only do that on a new pair since there will be something for the rubber to attach to...

    If you need the entire sold replaced, then what you're being quoted sounds about right... I'm in San Diego, btw.
  8. I'm not sure about completely resoling, but I pay $20 to get a zipsole put on the bottom of my shoe. I agree with wickedassin, if you're getting a whole new sole put on, that seems about right.
  9. ^ I only need the front parts of the soles redone...not the heels.
  10. Full heel and sole replacement on shoes runs $45 - $75. The costs is a bit less if only having the soles replaced. If the tops of the shoes are in good shape, they may be worth repairing to extend the life of the shoes, but I generally find that the replacement soles don't last nearly as long as the originals.
  11. Got my Frye Shirley Riding Boots resoled for $18 :smile:
  12. if they use vibram soles, then 35 for boots.
  13. $45 does seem like a lot, but I guess you should ask yourself if (1) the tops of your shoes are in good enough condition that they will last quite a few more years and (2) whether you could get similar shoes for $45. Because even though you got a good deal on these shoes a few years ago, at this moment that style might be more expensive, not available, or you might not have the time to search for a new pair. When I think about it as getting a new pair of shoes, then $45 starts sounding a lot more reasonable.
  14. Hi SuLi, I would balk at spending that much too especially if they were not expensive shoes; I think the service fees are just crazy, you could get a new pair of shoes for that price. So, unless I really love the shoes or they were relatively expensive say over 100 and anything above that, I would just throw them away and get news ones. Expensive and really nice shoes are worth it but otherwise not because my experience has been that if you already got a couple of years out of them even if you get them resoled they will look bad a short time later anyhow so then I would rather spend my money on new ones; more fun, more fashionable and definitely in better shape. The MJ yes I would get that resoled.
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    So I don't mean to hijack this thread…but didnt want to start a new one…soooooooooooooo

    So I have a question for everyone…

    I had a brand new pair of Tina Ferragamo's zip soled right away as the manager of the store recommend to do so.
    Little did I know that when the cobbler zip soles the shoe he also scratches away parts of the bottom of the sole if its not "worn". Thus when I went to pick it up there were some scratch marks left at where the zip sole (newly added rubber sole). The manager told me that its out of his hands since I took it to a repair shop. Also I should add I got lectured by the cobbler that I should have worn them before taking them in (but then why couldn't he just say so when I actually dropped them off?)
    But I called Corporate Ferragamo (as I just spent $700 on a pair of shoes and even one scratch that I didnt place is unacceptable) just to let them know what happened. I didnt expect anything but ended up being offered a brand new pair of shoes :smile:

    I finally went to the store yesterday to get my brand new pair of shoes and when I did one of the SAs and the manager practically berated me for accepting these new pair of shoes. They told me that since its a leather sole that scratch marks are inevitable. According to them when they put the glue on they have to scratch the bottom to make the glue stick, at the edge of the shoe- so where the new zip sole will meet the rubber.- Is this true?

    I felt like I was doing a wrong thing in accepting the brand new pair of shoes- but 1) I never asked for a brand new pair, it was corporate that offered it 2)I had a pair of Lanvin shoes zip soled and there is no scratches where the rubber meets the rest of the heel- granted the Lanvin shoe was more like a paper material.

    So to end this long post…when you get your heels zip soled/vibramed, does where the rubber meet the sole also get scratched up too?