resizing yurman

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  1. Most of the reps i've talked to said that I should take any of the yurman items that needs to be resized to David Yurman retail store because of the cable.But from other threads people have said they took it to other places and it turned out fine, anyone with past experiences please do share. Thanks in advance
  2. If it has the smooth shank on the bottom, any reputable jeweler can do it. If it doesnt have the smooth shank on the bottom for sizing the jeweler needs to be famialar with the cable. I have had most of my Yurman sized at the jewelry store near me that sells Yurman, Lux, Bond & Green. It wasnt very expensive to do and all came out perfectly. I have heard that if you do the sizing directly through Yurman it is quite expeinsive. I would go to a jewler that sells Yurman and is very familar with sizing Yurman rings, I think that would be your least expensive and fastest option. Yurman can also take quite a while to do sizing and repairs...
  3. I never had sizing done on any Yurman, but I do want to echo the repair length issue.

    One of the pearl tips on my bracelet fell off a few years ago and I had it sent back to DY to fix. It was free, but took over TWO months. Had I known it would take that long, I would have just coughed up the money and paid for a repair locally.
  4. The Neiman Marcus downtown Chicago has a repairman who studied under David Yurman himself. I had my ring sized there when I bought it ... I think it was maybe $40? And it took about one week.
  5. i'm in the process of getting my ring resized. I actually didn't know the ring had to be sent out for resizing rather then getting fixed on location so its been 2 1/2 weeks and i'm still waiting. Also, If i had found out sooner how much i was getting ripped off by i would not have taken the right 2 hours away to the retailer. i called in advanced and was estimated as low as 50-75 bucks. When i got to the store i was told 100 and told them no way. They pushed it down to 75 for me but if you ask me, haggle your way down to 40-50. Plus it's rather ridiculous for me to be charged 75 bucks, as they'll probably be keeping the excess silver taken off my ring.

    i'm a little bitter about this...
  6. I had taken my yurman albion ring resized up (from size 6 to 10) to a local jeweler and he did a perfect job. Other jewelers I had taken the ring to said they need to send the ring to David Yurman to get it sized b/c its 4 sizes up and I would have to wait 2 months. But I found a local jeweler who said he can do it and to my surprised it came out better than I expected.
  7. do you have pics? i'm curious to see if resizing is noticable on the yurman cabling parts