Resizing rings....

  1. How much does it normally cost to resize a silver ring to 1 or 1/2 a size smaller? If you've gotten a ring resized can you tell me where, how long it took, and how much you paid? thanks! (to get an overall estimate for the wide market of jewelers...)

    personally i just sent my ring into the David Yurman near me and i had talked to them on the phone weeks before. they said resizing would be from 50 up and when i told her i need 6 to 4 1/2 or 5 she quoted 75 bucks. Went in today and the SA said $100 and i said o really? b/c on the phone i was quoted $75 and she was like oh ok. (part of me was like wtf???:confused1:) i should have just said 50
  2. woah 30 bucks? ok david yurman is robbing me blind...
  3. that's an absurd amount of $$$... it's been 7 years since i've paid to get anything resized, but the prices couldn't have gone up that much. and for them to charge you more since you're going down a size and a half is crazy, especially since they're going to be keeping the metal. i know jared will size it while you're there, doesn't take more than a couple minutes. good luck!
  4. If you go to a jewelry district, you can definitely find a qualified jeweler to resize it for about $20. Dept and specialty stores will charge the most.
  5. I take my silver rings to a little mom and pop jewelry store. They're actually the only people in my area that will resize silver.

    In all truth, they're sort of family friends, so they only charge me around $15-20 for one ring and $20-$30 for two rings. The most I ever resize is 1-2 sizes.
  6. David Yurman does charge a lot for sizing and repairs... I usually take my Yurman pieces to my local retailer that sells Yurman, Lux Bond & Green. They are an upscale jeweler and I'm pretty sure that they charged less then $20. I'm sure many jewelers do it for less. I dont think that you have to take your Yurman ring to Yurman directly for sizing. As long as it has the smooth shank on the bottom for sizing can jeweler can easily do it. If it doesnt have the jeweler would have to be famialar with repairing the cable. I know that tons of Jewelers in NYC's jewelry district would be able to easily do it for you. $75 is definitly redicously high for a simple 1 or 2 size ring sizing...
  7. I went and had my engagement ring done locally and the inner side of the band engraved - from a size 4 to a 3 - and the engraving PLUS resizing was $30.00 - and engraving such a tiny space is no small feat!
  8. it was the petite albion ring... and my god i should have asked you all before i sent it in... I've been taken for a fool. At least i didn't buy that ring at 590.... or else i'd be raving mad. I wonder if theres any way they can reduce the charge? even tho she put down estimate cost at 75 bucks... what do you think?