Resizing juste en clous (JUC) bracelet?


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May 12, 2019
hello friends!
earlier this year DH got me JUC. i was REALLY in between sizes 16 and 17. i had no other pieces and liked it big, went w 17.

today for mother’s day he got me the love bracelet, also in a 17, and it totally fits. JUC already has scratches (i should say i am very rough on everything, have three little kids, etc) and now, stacked, i find the JUC to be less desirable so big.

i know cartier says they can resize until it impacts the piece, and in fact it says on the website that the first resizing is free.

have you tried this? do you know if they’d size down a JUC? what were your results? thanks everyone!


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