Resizing eternity ring? Pregnancy fingers...,

Jul 3, 2015
Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is staying safe during this pandemic.

I am an expecting mother with my first baby in a few days. My hands have been super swollen and none of my rings are fitting me anymore. With my engagement ring, it should be an easy fix... but my wedding band is a pretty elaborate eternity ring... it was custom made and pretty snug to begin with... My ring finger was a 3.75 before pregnancy and I am now a size 7.5...
My question is.... did your fingers go back to pre-pregnancy size after giving birth?
Second question, you think I could resize my eternity wedding back?I have always wanted to resize it even before pregancy becuase it was a little snug... Or even cut it in half and make two rings out of it?



May 13, 2006
I’m not a doctor but I’m fairly confident your fingers will go back to pre-pregnancy size. Not overnight, but give it a couple of months. You are just swollen with lots of fluid retention now. I remember 2 months before my baby I needed shoes for a black tie event and went from my normal size 7 shoe to a size 8 1/2 because my feet were so swollen. Post pregnancy though my feet only went back to a 7 1/2
But I think that’s because they got flatter from the extra weight on them. Fingers are weight bearing there. I am not a jeweler either but your eternity ring would likely need an entire new setting to enlarge, if you have to do that, if I were you, I would wait to see if you really need to make it larger. I believe it’s a big job because the stones would need to be removed and then reset. Depending how much larger you make it, the jeweler would have to add diamonds as well. it’s possible a very talented jeweler might be able to open the circle and insert a tiny amount of metal without redoing the entire ring but it may not look right.
Lots of luck and happiness to you with your baby!!!
Oct 17, 2006
Full eternity Diamond rings cannot be easily resized without affecting the integrity of the diamonds. Problem is further complicated by more than one row of diamonds. Same answer for cutting ring in halves. The only time a full eternity diamond ring can be resized is if there is a sizing bar (a small metal section void of diamonds). Keep your ring as is and hope your finger will return to previous size (well, chance is pretty slim for size 3.5). Otherwise, sell or gift it.
May 29, 2010
With my 3 pregnancies my fingers always went back to normal. It took 3-4 months, but I was able to wear all my rings afterwards.


Mar 11, 2007
My fingers went back to normal after my 2 as well. It’s been a while, so I don’t remember how long it took, but they did go back.
For either ring, I wouldn’t have anything done to them until well after your baby is born.


Aug 20, 2013
The Garden State

Same as the fingers and feet went back to normal after both of my pregnancies. With the 2nd, it took a little longer so you may need to be patient.

Also love your rings!

Toto too

Nov 21, 2006
I work in a jewelry store, and if you were to come in to resize your rings now, we would advise you to wait until your body got back to normal. Congrats on your first baby!


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Oct 30, 2006
You would be able to wear it after pregnancy. Resize only if you can’t after.


Mar 24, 2009
You absolutely cannot resize an eternity band. If any jeweler tells you he/she can resize your band, run away as fast as you can, because your ring will be ruined. To resize any ring, firstly you need a part of the ring to be plain gold - no pattern, no stones, etc. Also, depending on the setting of the stones depends on whether a ring can be sized safely, even if a part of the ring is plain gold. Your ring size should return to normal shortly after pregnancy.


Mar 29, 2011
NYC~one of the boroughs
I know it’s difficult not to be able to wear your rings but speaking from experience don’t try to resize anything until a few months after you have the baby. Congratulations!!