Resizing Cartier trinity ring

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  1. So I have put on around 5kg over the past year (thanks pregnancy hormones and OH) which I cannot get rid of but am trying. My trinity ring on ring finger which I had hoped to use as my wedding band in the future is starting to give me a little muffin top. Should I keep going and try to lose the weight or get it resized? If I have it resized then has anyone had experience and how much does it cost?
  2. I had mine resized last October: I went from 50 to 48 I think? Don't remember, but I went down 2 sizes. It was free as it was my first time and it took about a month ! Came back all new :smile:
  3. Hi there! Can you comfortably wear it on another finger? Then I would do this and probably wait it out.
    Taking off pregnancy weight can take some time (took me years, mostly due to sleep deprivation) and the additional "pressure" of having to do this for a piece of jewelry would have stressed me out even more. ;)
    You can always have your ring resized, I am just in the process of doing this with a ring where I am in between sizes.