Residential Camp!

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  1. :yes: Did anyone go? Do any parents send their kids? Does anyone have any wonderful memories? Horror stories?:yahoo:

    I spent four summers (12-16) at residential camp and absolutely loved it. The memories I have from camp are something I will never forget. I was hoping maybe someone went to my camp as well. It's called Independent Lake Camp in Orson, PA.

    Now when I was seven or eight, my mother did send me away to Girl Scout camp and I hated it. I was extremely homesick. It was me that decided that I wanted to go away to camp again, but it had to be my kind of camp...That means, working showers, electricity, and fun, fun, fun!:lol:
  2. My daughter goes to an amazing day camp from 830 am-5pm..I couldnt bare the thought of losing her the entire summer..we are too close!!LOL!...I went to overnight camp when I was Ely,VERMONT...HOMESICK 101..LOL...!!
  3. BF got thrown in when he was very young and he was sorta traumatized by it. He had no idea what was going on. Poor guy. I feel bad for him. He still remembers it.
  4. I lived on a small island from ages 7-14, there was no need for summer camp! I used to think it would be fun, but I probably would have been insanely homesick.
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