Residency frustration

  1. Any other residents out there? Please share your experiences!
  2. I'll be an intern in July - what are you frustrated about? Hang in there!
  3. I think that everyone is frustrated with their job at one time or another. :smile: I haven't seen any resident threads, so I figured that I would start one myself. Good luck with match!
  4. I finished my residency last summer... and while it's really nice to be an attending, the levels of frustration and stress now make residency seem like child's play.

    What specialty are you in?
  5. I'm prelim Derm... doing Medicine prelim year now. It's okay except for the 30-hour call shifts. My brain is just not capable of working for that long and I feel so bad about it sometimes. My brain almost shuts down by the 18-hour mark. I thought that it would get easier, but I'm over half-way done and still having issues with the work hours. I'm just trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel at this point. I can't wait to be back in the Derm clinic full-time next year!

    What specialty are you in, schadenfreude?
  6. I'll also be an intern in July!
    It's nice to know you're all here, too. :biggrin:
  7. Wishing luck to everyone in this thread. Totally reminds me of Grey's Anatomy. Haha. Perhaps this should be moved to the chatter box sub forums?? :confused1:
  8. I thought this would be about roomates. :p :balloon:
  9. I wish you good luck!
  10. Well, I'm finishing my last year of fellowship (HO8), and I am very much looking forward to starting a "real" job in 163 days.

    Residency is really emotionally traumatic. I could regale you with stories, but it's time for bed (and honestly, I think I would fill this thread and no one would read any further)....
  11. Amazing specialty, congrats! If I were a more competitive person, this specialty would probably be my first choice. I spent last summer doing Derm research and shadowing docs. I'm in my second year of med school so still quite a ways to go! I personally can't wait to be a resident. I need to work, so sick of school!
  12. Don't let the rumors about Derm steer you away from pursuing it! I didn't have the highest board scores and I wasn't AOA, but I made my desire known to my department. I also did a ton of away rotations and got interviews based on performance on those rotations. There are some applicants that skew the average board score numbers, but a lot of the Derm residents that I've met were relatively average during med school.
  13. Wow! PGY-8 is intense! I'm sure that the path to Urology was insanely busy. It makes me want to complain less about my 1 year of q4 call. I'd love to hear your stories!
  14. I had an awkward conversation with a male resident who told me that female doctors are contributing to the physician shortage by quitting to raise families or working part time. I'm not exactly sure how he expected me to respond, since I'm just a med student I said nothing but I would have dearly loved to tear him a new one. But the sad thing is I'm sure there's plenty of bitter male docs who think the same, especially when their female colleagues go on maternity leave and everyone else has to cover their work.
  15. ^^One of my attendings in residency actually said that to me, nearly verbatim. Just put down his lunch tray in front of me and the other female resident and comes out with that.

    Needless to say, I was shocked.

    When I was chief resident, I routinely assigned him the intern for his cystectomies and other huge cases.