Reshaping my jumbo????? </3

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Does anyone know if theres ANY hope left for this jumbo? As you can see, the sides are squished outwards, and it just looks overly fat :cry: It seems very much fixed in this shape now, and it's completely lost its structure. Any ideas of how to reshape it?

    Right now i'm trying to use clips on the inside, so I can try to get it back to its original shape, but this is definitely not a long-term cure. With the clips, I can't even access the inside of the bag....

    Any advice would be appreciated. If there's nothing to be done, I guess it's time to say goodbye :tdown:


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  2. try this...... but you need to rest the jumbo for not using it. use the original chanel box for your jumbo as its more fitting. push the side of your bag in, like the way when you first get the bag. then when you place it into the box, with or without the dustbag, use some cotton or even tissue, crumpled them to form a mass, then stuff each side with those tissue so to push the side in while your bag resting in its box. after awhile, it should be better.
  3. Have you tried stuffing your jumbo with tissue paper or towels and leaving it in the dustbag for a while? I was using my GST nonstop for a few weeks and it was losing its shape, so I did just that. It seems to be helping but I do tend to overload my bags, so I'm not expecting it to return to its original form.
  4. once it stretched you done. Unless, wash in water with hope that will sunk in order to get back its original shape
  5. Chanel's repair service can reshape your bag. They replace the inside materials that hold the shape. It may not look brand new, but it should help.
  6. This is a great idea. I did something similar with a lambskin bag that I have and it worked perfectly. One side of my purse really started to bulge out so I stored my bag in a box (not the original box) that was exactly my purse's width. (I don't place the lid/cover on the box though so my bag can breath.)
    I always store this purse in this particular box now because it helped my purse to regain and keep it's shape.
  7. Joope - Thanks for your advice! I will try to do that for a while. Right now it is resting in the dustbox with the clips inside, I will add the tissue on the outside to add more pressure while it "rests". I'll check again in a few weeks :P

    Aylilith - I think the original problem was that I overstuffed the bag with junk. now the problem is that it's coming outward, rather than flattening inwards :sad:

    Amyamoure - Thanks for your suggestion. It will definitely be Plan B, but I will need to do a little more research to see what to expect from Chanel's repair service. I've read about the amazing repairs they've done, but I wonder if they can pull my bag back inwards after the leather has been overstretched :sad:
  8. Wow! great to know that it worked well for you! :smile:
  9. I just found this... the repairs list at Chanel. Does anyone have experience with it? It looks promising in terms of fixing the structure, maybe replace piping/binding or repair frame would work... :smile:

    Originally posted by amyamoure
  10. Hi ladies. So I recently traveled with my jumbo, and I don't know if it was the air pressure or what, but it flattened out the quilting. I let it sit outside for a while, and it looked like it did kind of come back to life. However, now I'm paranoid that it is still flatter than before? Have you guys experienced this? I just thought I'd ask considering everyone is discussing out of shaped jumbos. Thanks.
  11. Oh and OP, I'd say keep it because eventually one day all our bags will start to become a little amorphous :smile:
  12. Since it's leather, you can definitely reshape it. Stuffing it with tissues/cloth will certainly work - it did with my Chanel. :smile:
  13. luvchnl
    good to hear it works as i am doing this to my pretty new jumbo as prevention measure...... cant stand myself sometimes!!!!!! ha!!!!!!

    try it since it works on luvchnl!!!! a successful example!!!!!!!!!! when you say CLIP....whats that??? sounds scary......... :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf:
  14. hi op, i received a pre-owned flattened has lost its shape abit.

    what i did was to add stuffing it it and blew it gently with hairdryer at a distance, this is to slightly warm up the leather... now without stuffing the bag doesnt look flattened anymore. it worked for me hope it does to you. i guess when the leather is slightly warm it can be moulded.
  15. OP, it doesn look too bad. Whenever my hands are free, I will have this habit of using my fingers to form a V-shape on the 2 sides to "train" the leather to stay that way. Found that it helps...