Reshaping a bag

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  1. I bought a carry all off the 'bay, and when it got shipped the bottom was creased. It won't sit straight now. Does anyone know if there's some way I can reshape it?

    It's this one, btw.
  2. That happened to me with a Madeline. Drives me nuts that someone would squish the bag just to save a couple bucks on shipping!

    I've had pretty good luck with moisturizing it like crazy, putting a thick cardboard cut out in the bottom, and leaving it alone for a week or so. You have to cut the cardboard just a tad larger than the bottom, so it fits really snugly. It may always have a little bit of a weak fold there, but it would improve. For my squished Madeline, I ended up cutting a lid of an old plastic storage bin to keep in the bottom of it permanently. That really helped when I had a ton of stuff in the bag.

    HTH! Good luck with your new bag!
  3. The bottom isn't leather, so it's a no go on the conditioning, but I will try to stuff a piece of cardboard or something in the bottom. Thanks.

    Anyone know if Coach can repair something like this?
  4. Do you have a photo? I'm having trouble visualizing where the crease is to make any useful suggestions.
  5. This one is blurry, but shows the crease up close.


    Here's the back:


  6. I don't have any experience with this, but I would think that the cardboard and stuffing the bag to hold shape would help.
  7. I tried stuffing it for a few weeks, but that didn't seem to help. I will put some cardboard in the bottom and stuff it again.
  8. Have you tried to iron the crease at all?
  9. No, I'm scared to iron it. If all else fails, I'll do it. I think I'll take it to boutique and ask them before I try applying heat.
  10. I wouldn't recommend ironing, first off it would be very awkward, and heaven forbid you leave an iron mark on it. When you stuffed it did you hang your bag up? Have you tried putting a bag of beans or something to weigh down the bottom a bit? My only other suggestion is to actually carry the bag in hopes the daily usage will straighten it out.
  11. Perhaps just some light steam from the iron or a steamer would relax the fabric a bit...
  12. I was thinking an iron would work too, to be honest. There's something you can put on the other side of the fabric to make it maintain it's shape. I believe it's called a ham, but maybe my mother is just crazy and calls it that. (Correction- I know my mom is crazy, but maybe that really is the name anyway. ;) )
  13. Yeah, I was thinking of putting something as a barrier between the purse and the iron. Good luck!
  14. Wow. That is a tuffy. I would be a bit upset about that to tell you the truth. Heat may work,but that would scare me too.