Reserves and Selling

  1. I have several items that are about to close on eBay within the next few minutes/hours and I had placed reserves on them. One item had bidding that met the reserve, but 5 others did not. If I made the decision to sell to the highest bidder despite the reserve, how do I do that? Do I offer the highest bidder a second chance offer, or do they win in spite of the reserve. I have not done this before so ANY advice will help. THANKS in advance.
  2. No one wins if the reserve isn't met and you can't offer it to the underbidder when reserve is not met
  3. You can do a second chance offer to the high bidder for the price the auction ended at if you are willing to sell for that price even though it is lower than your reserve.
  4. Thanks!! that is what I had thought but wished to make certain of.