Reserved List!??!


Jul 31, 2014
I asked to see a black caviar flap with silver hardware in the medium size and the SA informed me that you have to be on a "Reserved" list. So pretty much I couldn't look at first I was confused since the SA pretty much was implying that ONLY people on the Reserve list can see one..But I've seen just regular people ask to see one and then an SA pulls one out. Has anyone encountered this??


Jan 22, 2012
San Francisco, CA
I haven't had this personally happen to me, but I think I've heard about it happening where an SA doesn't want to have a bunch of people touching a bag if it's already been allocated/sold to someone who had reserved it.


Dec 25, 2009
land of lala
I'm not sure where you asked, but some stores don't get in many classics and you need to be 'on the list' to get the next one that comes in. If you'd like to PM me, I can forward you to my SA who may be able to get you one.


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Sep 29, 2011
i know many SAs say this bc their stock is low at that particular boutique or department store and the bags are already purchased/on hold for someone. you just need to call around. better yet, call the Chanel hotline and ask them to locate the exact bag for you. they are so helpful there and know EVERYTHING. if the bag exists, they can locate it for you and even give you the contact numbers of the specific boutiques or dept stores. i called around to look for the black WOC SHW and was told by numerous boutiques that there was a 6 month waitlist then ended up calling the boutique in my hometown and i got one 2 days later. if there's a will, there's a way!! GOOD LUCK!


Apr 9, 2015
Do you happen to know the number for the chanel hotline? I tried to look on the website but couldn't find it 😟


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Jun 28, 2015
I understand their answer if you were asking to buy one.
However, if I understand your question correctly, you were asking to see/feel one in the M/L size, and she said she can't even let you see/touch one that they have for display/showing customer? that I find odd. I'm in the US and in EVERY store (including department stores) they have a cabinet that at least have the classics in every size that is for the purpose of just showing the customers and can let the customers try one for size/look/touch purpose - has nothing to do with getting on the reserve list just to check it out.