reserve price

  1. I am trying to start a new ebay auction but I cannot seem to add a reserve price.

    It only has starting BID & buy it now price. How do I add a reserve price.

    Please help?

    Thanks:love: :love:
  2. Did you already list the item?
  3. not yet....I started and then cancelled it cuz I could not find the reserve price..
  4. Sorry, I took so long was washing the dishes.:sad: Anyway... Good, you didn't list the item yet. Start a new listing and use the auction style format instead of the bid and buy it now format. I believe eBay has upgraded their listing formats recently. Just be careful fees are very high for selling nowadays.:sad: :flowers:
  5. thanks. I will try that...

    ebays sucks...really. but we dont have any other way to sell these items:sad:
  6. hmmm I am using the online auction template...all its has is

    Starting price

    Buy It Now price ( fee varies )


  7. hhhmm... let me try again.
  8. On the next page as you select your category, write your title, Style, Main Color, Material, Brand, Condition, description of item. You will see Selling Format? Online Auction (white tab) and Fixed Price (blue tab). Select the white tabe with the Online Auction and it should give you the starting bid, reserve, and BIN price. I think you were using the Fixed Price (blue tab) format. Look at it carefully when you get the price section.:yes: :flowers: