Reselling my Rose Ballerine Monogram Emprinte Key Pouch...value?

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  1. Can’t bejueve the low quotes they gave you. But then I can believe it because they’ll probably resell it for almost double to make a profit.
  2. Thank you!x
  3. If you were to break even (after selling fees on eBay e.g.), you'd be doing well. The hard reality is that there is a lot of stuff competing with your item in the resale environment. And many would-be buyers are phobic of a light-colored Empreinte SLG .
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  4. Very true! eBay looks like it may be a goer!
  5. I hear that. Now remember if and when you decide to list it, eBay gets 10%. of the selling price. Good luck.
  6. ^ eBay scoops not only the selling price but also the shipping charge, i.e. the total amount of the transaction. And then Paypal takes an additional 3%, so realistically it works out to about 15%.
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  7. You know, I bought 2 PAs over a week ago and someobe backed out. I know, I shouldn’t have, but I did. But rather than send it back to LV and get my $570 (w/tax) back, I tried getting a quote from fashionphile. (Now this hard to find pouchette accessories was still brand new in the box with a date code of MB0139). They offered me $500. I declined. Holding onto it and will probably give it to my daughter for her birthday (in September) :biggrin:
  8. So true. Forgot about those other fees. What a racket. :lol:
  10. Try using Ebay Authenticate. They take care of everything for you. You just have to send it in to them and they will authenticate it, list it, and ship to buyer. A lot of buyers feel safer buying from Ebay Authenticate because it comes with an authenticity card. The only bummer about them is that they set the price, not you. So far I've sold a bag and an SLG with them. The bag sold for $10 than I was hoping for and the SLG sold for $50 less.

    Otherwise, you could also sell in the facebook groups. I would probably price your key pouch at $450 and take it from there.

    Good luck!
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  11. Hi. I see you didn’t get what you wanted for your item (sorry) so I gather they set the price. Do you have a say in the pricing? What if you don’t agree with their pricing? I was looking at the rules but didn’t find these answers. Since you sold with them before? I was wondering if you knew these answers. Thanks.
  12. I was also curious about Ebay Authenticate.
    I’ve gotten serious lowball offers for anything from LV to Hermes when I try to sell to a reseller.

    I’ve never tried selling directly through eBay but figured this might be better