Reselling my Rose Ballerine Monogram Emprinte Key Pouch...value?

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  1. Hello,

    I’m considering selling my rose ballerine key pouch. As far as I know it’s been discontinued. It was difficult to source in the first place but alas, I’ve never used it.
    I’m not sure what price to ask for? Does the discontinued nature of it and the difficulty sourcing it make it more valuable? I’m awaiting a quote from a designer reseller and I’m not sure what to expect. Any advice welcome! Thank you!

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    I’ve never sold any of my purchases but I’m curious what the reseller offers you.
    I have a multicolor key pouch that I used one time and it’s been in its sleeper ever since I purchased it at the Manhasset LV
    I’m sure there are many members here who would be willing to purchase it from you including myself but I think it’s against the rules to buy and sell on this forum
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  3. I am curious as well. The rose ballerine is still very popular, it should fetch for retail or above due to its condition. I do remember that there was waiting list for this item when I looked at it and not everyone on the list received one. I agree, It is shame that TPF members cannot sell to each other on this forum.
  4. Thanks :smile: There was a waiting list; this one was sent to my local LV from Paris, a rare find. Fingers crossed! It’s such a waste of a beauty being kept in storage.
  5. I’m sure the designer reseller will low ball you and resell it at a much higher profit.

    I hope you get a good price for it. Please let us know.
  6. Thank you! I have a feeling that you’re right... I will keep you posted! :smile:
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  7. You could sell it on ebay for full price. The resell places do low ball you and then sell for way above retail price. Highway robbery
  8. Definitely list for over retail and accept offers. It’s in like new condition and it was hard to find. If it doesn’t sell then you have your quotes from the consignment stores. I’d put in the listing that’s it’s rare and no longer available from LV so buyers know why it’s priced over retail. If you have the box and tags include them also.
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  9. Definitely go for above rrp. In Australia on FB groups and ebay I've seen for a couple of hundred dollars above rrp for used and new conditon for almost double! I'm not sure if they actually sell at that price. I could never sell mine and use it for extra cards, it makes me smil just seeing it inside my bag. The consignment stores will give you very low and double the price
  10. Noooo! Don’t sell it! Lol
    It’s so hard to find. I bought the last one in the US a few years ago and it’s still going strong. I use mine for gift cards and as a small wallet. Maybe try breaking it out and using it? If you sell it, you should be able to get what you paid for it if not more. It’s a rare beauty!
  11. So much love for Key Pouch! She really is a beauty! I’m hoping to hear back from the resellers today. First world problems! She deserves a good home where she’ll be used.
    You hear about so many scams on eBay though so I think that’s why I’m reluctant to go there first.
  12. The most recent one I found that was sold on eBay was listed for $375 and the seller accepted a Best Offer. Impossible to know how much that offer was. So it would seem that $375 is too high. Good luck!
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  13. Hello! So the the first of the resellers has come back with €150...she’s open to negotiation so we’ll see how that goes. Waiting on the second appraisal! Plus €250 for an Insolite, also in perfect condition which seems reasonable.
  14. Maybe you should sell it yourself (there are loads of facebook groups where you can sell), I find these quotes quite low if I’m honest.
  15. That’s looking like the best option!