1. I remember going to a website that resells used Louis Vuitton bags. Does anyone know the link to a that Californian site. I do know of TIA:smile:
  2. sells pre-loved LV
  3. oh that is a good one:tup: Thank you, but it's not the one I'm looking for.
  4. In California?

    Is it
  5. Thanks for the list!!! I'm looking for a pre-loved LV wallet so your post was just in time!
  6. Thanks for posting these links!

    I'm new to LV, but I am trying to find some certain bags for my sister who doesn't use tPF.

    After looking at all these sites, I'm falling for some of these bags as well. My Chloe budget is going to suffer, I'm afraid.
  7. Thank you for the links! Does anyone have any recommendations for resellers that have particularly good deals?
  8. let-trade has the best deals that i know of