1. HI i am not sure if I am posting in the correct section but I have a question about resellers. Do they also take bags in? I recently purchased a 25cm orange togo p hardware but have now decided its too small so I would like to change to a 35cm instead. Will resellers sell it for me?
  2. Probably but you are better off to sell it yourself on eBay or elsewhere and keep all the money vs having to pay commission to the reseller. I know several consignments only give you 50% of the total price that it sells for and for what we're discussing you shouldn't have a problem selling it. Particularly if you are not trying to make a huge profit, but list it at a fair amount.
  3. i was thinking that but i havent really done alot of selling on eBay before. Dont people usually look at the amount of things u have sold before (like they want to see a high feedback %) etc to determine if u are an authentic safe seller... I am not looking to make a huge profit...just the amount I paid for the bag really