Resellers: What do they make money on?

  1. Just curious- seeing so many Coach outlet items on eBay I always wonder how between the competition, eBay fees, and PayPal charges the sellers make money. Is it certain items that are really popular? It seems so bizarre to me that (especially with all the new locations opening up) people would pay so much over what they cost at the outlets. Plus it seems that a lot of them are ending without bids :confused1: Just not sure how it's worthwhile for them.....
  2. Well it's hit or miss for the sellers, but they can get a hit if they know what is selling.

    For instance look on eBay at the signature daisy keychain with brass hardware. If you goto advance search you can see that most of them dont sell any lower than $36...i can get one of those at my outlet for 9.99! Also the zodiac keychains and wristlets....all cheaper at outlets. But even though there are more outlets opening...still not enough to satisfy everyone...and people would rather conviently buy on ebay rather than driving. You also have to factor in gass for these people...outlets are not plentiful...and ebay is a highly used website and coach is highly popular! Not everyone can make it to the outlet and no everyone knows the true price of these items. Thats how people make money. I thought of doing that as well..picking up a bunch of keychains for 9.99 and selling on ebay for almost 3 times that! That's smart business.
  3. I have always wondered this very thing myself. I guess that if the seller is using it as just the "online garage sale" as it was meant to be at first inception, then I guess it doesn't matter if the seller makes a profit. It's meant to get stuff that he/she isn't using out of the house for a little bit o' cash.

    Now the powersellers and eBay stores, that's a different story really does seem that in a lot of instances, they AREN'T making money on their items. I guess they do, but I don't know enough about business models and profit-making to be able to tell who is and who isn't...when you factor in fees and gas, etc., I guess I just don't see the draw. I do *get* that some people don't get out shopping much, or don't have an outlet near them, but still. And with all the fakes out there + the fact that you can't see or touch the items...I've bought a couple Coach pieces from eBay before, and although they were authentic, I wasn't happy with several of them. I guess now I'd much rather go to Off 5th, Marshalls, TJMaxx, Dillards, Macy's, the boutiques, wait for PCE, drive the solid hour (+ tolls) to my outlet, etc. than chance it on eBay. Maybe if the item was SOLD OUT, RARE TO FIND, etc. it'd be different...

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  4. ^ I meant to say get RID of stuff...geez, you'd think I could proofread!
  5. I have sold a lot on Ebay and I do have to say it is the rare item that produces any good profit after fees. A lot of times for me I sell because it is something I have used and want to sell or I bought too much at the outlets and stores and I live almost 2 hours away and to pay $75 in gas just to go return it does not make sense. People will pay a little more (I have too) because of the same reason.. to pay so much for gas just to go and see if they have what you want (and that's if an outlet is even somewhat close). Usually it works out because the seller can make a little bit and the buyer saves a little bit. :yes:
  6. I went to the outlets today and then went home to check ebay- all the sellers had things selling for LESS than they were in-store, even with the extra 20-30% off!
  7. Yes, I have seen that too.. to go get a great deal at an outlet, come home and it is nwt for less on ebay. :rolleyes: Right now I have 2 bleecker flap bags I bought at the outlet thinking I would keep one and my mom might want one.. no go.. and I am just trying to break even on them so I don't have to return then and hopefully someone will get a great deal. It's a beautiful bag and so hard to see them go. :tdown:
  8. Maybe some people don't know as well...they may just assume that a keyring or whatnot is the price that they see it on eBay meanwhile the sellers are kindof just playing them..:shrugs:
  9. I've been watching a few of the lurex mini skinny's on ebay and they are selling for more $23.99 which is the price at the outlets. Please show me the items that are selling for less.
  10. I have been selling on ebay for years. I don't think I have ever made any profit. I usually sell things that I no longer use to make money to help fund something else. It works for me.
  11. For people like me the nearest Coach outlet is 8 hrs away. Not worth my time and gas to drive to get a bargain. I paid $100.00 more on ebay for my Ali than what she was going for at the outlet. But the way I look at it is I saved money! I got a great purse for less than retail and I did not spend $200.00 driving to get her. Just remember there is always some that cannot get to or find certain items. I only have a Dillards that has a VERY limited selection of Coach. Which does not include any leather items, no key fobs, wallets, or basically anything good-lol. So, yeah, I buy most of my collection on ebay. I think it is unfair that some of you have so many outlets available to you. Down here in the south its almost non-existant. Really-I am just jealous of you all:p
  12. Example: I saw this patent mahogany wristlet at the outlet today going for $60, but it was accidently placed in the 20% off area and the manager offered to give me the discount, which would bring it down to $48. Add tax, and it still cost $15 more than this seller pulled in:
  13. DEFINATELY not enough to make a living!
    I have lost alot of money, made money, and have stayed even, and it the long run...I still haven't figured out why I am doing it....
    I guess the addictive nature of watching the last 10 minutes is too addicting to give up...your watching :confused1: and gets to the last minutes and then your sweating :sweatdrop:and you jump up and down yelling at the computer:hysteric: BID, BID, BID!
    ya stare:wtf: with hope :okay: and the last second comes :nuts:and ITS OVER. I am either doing this:wlae:...or :crybaby: crying. It's GREAT!!!!
  14. I think the fear of loosing money and the hassle is why I have never sold on eBay. I have a decent collection and some stuff that I just don't use. But I would rather keep it and use it once in a while than loose money on it. Or I will let my mother use whatever I am not using.