Resellers question

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  1. It really bothers me...I have noticed alot of that going on lately
  2. That is CRAZY! That bag retailed for $298.
    That SAME exact bag in the same color just sold ( like 20 minutes ago ) for less than $50 and that style usually goes for less than $100 so, that seller is going to find out fast that thier price is WAY too high.
    I don't let it bother me when seller's do this, I would just NEVER buy from someone who jacks up the price like that and I know most people wouldn't either so, when a seller does this, they are going to have a really hard time selling thier stuff.
  3. OH HELL YES. Case in point: I'm looking for a metallic Tribeca tote and I know they sold for around $100 at outlet. Some of these sellers want 200+ for them, and I just ain't payin' that! Esp. with the cracking risks...holy wow jacked up price, Batman!
  4. I was looking at the same things but not the metallic and they were all too much. Thankfully my outlet had one, I paid $98 for it. P.S. They had the metallic at my outlet yesterday in NJ!
  5. It makes me want to send the seller a question saying "you know you've priced this wayyy too high right?"
  6. Looking at their online store, all of their bags are overpriced!
  7. Remember, just because a seller is asking certain price doesn't mean they are actually selling the bag! :yes:
  8. ITA!

    If they can make that much of a profit off of it after 2 years, more power to 'em! The buyers set the price, not the sellers. ;)
  9. Surfing Ebay earlier this week, I saw a Penelope small wallet selling for 6,999.00!! I bought one for my daughter last year for around $32. I emailed the seller saying I think she has her decimal in the wrong location! Sure enough that was the case, and she was a really good sport about it.
  10. OMG, one of our fab tPFers just gave me some intel to help me score one at our outlet! YAY TO OUTLETS! No jacked up selling price for me! WHEEEEE! :yahoo:
  11. Don't kill the messenger, but all items listed on Ebay were not necessarily bought at the lowest possible price at the outlet and Ebay and paypal fees are a killer.
  12. I agree, they do lose some money due to paypal fees and such. But they do over price things often. Not always, but sometimes they are being greedy lol
  13. I do believe that they're allowed to make a profit, for their time and work. But they really should be more reasonable. Knowing that they bought the bag for $100 and are selling it for $350 is certainly not reasonable to me. And most times you can tell that they're outlet resellers, so you do get an idea of how much they paid.
  14. Yeah it pisses me off, esp for common outlet items to be priced so high. I can understand more if its a very rare or HTF item. I agree that the buyers set the prices.