Resellers in Tokyo?

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  1. I'd much prefer finding my dream Birkin at the Hermes shop, but it seems nearly impossible (and I'm impatient!). Can anyone recommend which resellers are reputable in Tokyo? I know of Loire boutique, but there must be others... I imagine it'll be a 30-50% markup from retail? Many thanks.
  2. I know the feeling!

    There are a bunch of Hermes specialty resellers in the Ginza area (close to Shinbashi). Although not the prettiest store, I recently visited "Daikokuya" in Shinbashi which seems to have the best prices for the area. (They have one full floor dedicated to Hermes!!). They are having a "special" on Birkins right now.

    Here is a link:


    They have both new and used items.

    I can't quite tell what the markup is (as compared to Hermes boutique prices). For example, a new, black, Togo leather, gold hardware (30) was around $10,500...

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks Tokyogirl!
  4. japan is hermes heaven. there are many resellers here but even used ones in mint condition cost as much or sometimes even more than hermes store prices.

  5. Report back if you buy anything!;)
  6. Hi, beaumonde. Here, you can find many resellers from loire and the ones mentioned by tokyogirl. I agree with tokyogirl that Daikokuya has the best prices of all. Of all, I choose loire. It's the best reseller store ever.

    The markup prices is more expensive than Hermes but at least, you do not need to wait for a very long time to get one. Walk around as many reseller stores as you can and you'll find the birkin that you fall in love with.

    And when you come to Japan, don't forget to visit the Hermes store here. I regard it as the best the world has to offer.
  7. I agree with your assessment on the Hermes stores -- I assume you are talking about the Ginza flagship store! The top floor with all of the bags is simply TO DIE FOR!
  8. Yes, you're totally right. It is to die for. I love looking at the items especially the bags and walking around the store. Even the Chanel store is to die for. Hmm...I sound like I'm promoting Japan. :lol:

    Anyway, if anyone have the chance, do visit Japan!! Bring lots of money.:love:
  9. I would love to go to Japan some day!! Wow...can't even imagine all the Hermes bags!! :roflmfao:
  10. :graucho::graucho:I am visiting Tokyo at the end of this month. can i get some adivise on the MUST VISIT besides Ginza flagship H store? Thanks!:heart:
  11. Are you talking in terms of stores or general sightseeing?
  12. Stores of course hehe :heart:
  13. You are my kind of gal! I am a Ginza kind of gal, so I am listing some of my favorite stores to shop (well, mostly window shop). Most of the stores I listed below are more unique to Japan.

    Other famous Tokyo shopping districts are Omotesando, Shibuya (for the younger crowd)...

    1. Mitsukoshi department store (Ginza)

    2. Takashiyama department store (Nihonbashi -- a short taxi/subway ride from Ginza) MY FAVORITE:heart: -- especially love their basement food floor; of course they also have a small Hermes boutique on the first floor where I always drop in.

    3. There are also a bunch of cute stores behind the main Ginza strip, where you can find lots of "japanesey things," -- one of my favorite store is this one: Their specialties are chopsticks, but they also have lots of cute japanese plates, and other knick knacks, etc.

    4. Itoya (Ginza) -- if you like stationery, it's REALLy cool! It's an entire building full of stationery.

    5.Uniqlo flagship store (Ginza) -- it's next to the main Brooks Brothers store in Ginza. Uniqlo is a good place to pick up your basic T shirts for the season.

    6. Loire (Ginza) -- Famours Hermes reseller I have never been to this store, but I understand it has a fabulous collection.

    That's all I can think of, off of the top of my head. Personally I can spend an entire day in Ginza -- I understand in Japanese there is a specific term for hanging around in Ginza "Ginbura"...

    Let me know if you have any questions, although I am not an expert by any means.
  14. In addition to the stores mentioned, I love Tokyu Hands too! It's all your favorite housewares stores rolled into one. I wish we had them in the U.S.!
  15. wow..thanks Tokyogirl and coconut:smile: that's great info!! I am definitely going to take a great look around the area! can't wait!!!:biggrin: