Reseller Now or Paris later for specific bag?

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  1. Congrats!
    I sent mine immediately to H Spa as the handles were slightly falling apart (but just a bit) and it's now ready for a collection. You might consider that after the Paris trip, it also a nice authentication point.
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  2. Thanks for the tip! I thought H Spa does not touch handles. What was the issue with your bad and how did they fix it?
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  3. They started coming apart (sorry, English is not my first language but hope it makes sense) - here's the pic. Hermes artisan told me no problem with that + general cleaning/conditioning + removal of the stains (there were no stains but she noticed some shade lol). Was advised to go early so I don't pay a lot after a few years when the handles will fall apart 100% (confirmed by the artisan lady). I was also keen to get the spa invoice as an ultimate proof of authenticity (in case I get a new bag at some point and will want to sell this one - Bababebi's services not recognised in places like Poland, sadly).
    I'm picking it up on Friday, might upload before and after pictures into a relevant topic.

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  4. Did you buy it? If so, congrats! Like you said, you can always return it if you don't like the bag.

    Definitely take the time to explore all that France and Paris have to offer! You can always try for something else at the store, this time with less pressure.
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  5. I got a FEU B30 last November
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  6. Thank you! I've been through hunting and getting a Birkin in Paris and although successful at the end, it was a whole thing that consumed our trip. It might just be my personality but if I decide to keep this bag, it will be less pressure visiting FSH as I will not be foaming at the mouth to get an orange B30. :nuts:

    I'm glad they were able to refurbish the handles and your spa experience was a success! How long did the spa service take?
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  7. I was lucky as we have the artisan in London store and also she told me the pre-Xmas time was not busy so overall 1 month.
    And I totally share your sentiment. There are patient people, but I'm not one of them and buying pre-owned bag relieved my stress over it (as opposed to time when I got K32 from the store). Now though I'm on K28 hunt and literally can't afford the resellers so back in the game (it's easier to purchase items I actually want/need and spread it over time than pay upfront to the reseller 2x as much). But due to the size, it's an exception. I almost bought K32 in black GHW pre-owned but was slow and the bag was snatched by somebody else.
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  8. Congrats on your new bag. I think you made the right decision to get now - it is exact bag you want at right price to you.
    Last year before heading to Paris I found the exact bag I was looking to buy next from a local reseller and I waited months while the price dropped then made an offer and it was accepted. I was thrilled at the bag and price (had it authenticated too to be safe). It took any stress away from finding the bag in Paris and I would have so regretting not getting the bag. In Paris I actually got another bag I was after so it was a win win! I would suggest still trying your luck in Paris for your the next bag on your list - nothing to lose and it is not a lot of effort to try if you have no expectations!
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  9. I would still try in Paris, just for the experience. I am so happy you got the bag you wanted.
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  10. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing her in person!
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  11. Does anyone know if classic H orange in togo is the same color as the orange H box?
  12. Agree with many others that as long as the bag is authenticated, you got a great deal on a nice looking bag and you will be saved from drama related to the appt system as a “walk-in.” Try if you have some time, and report back!
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  13. Thank you! It’s shipping 2 day air... I’m counting the hours! :nuts:
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  14. Please share with us when it arrives :biggrin:
  15. Congratulations! Looking at your pic, I think orange goes really well with your coloring and your style. Enjoy your new bag.