Reseller Now or Paris later for specific bag?

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  1. Yoogi's does have a 30 day return policy. Due to their exclusive & valuable nature of Hermes items & items valued
    over $10k , the return policy is seven days..
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  2. Ahh makes sense! I've never bought one from them...
    FWIW I think the orange GHW combo looks very pretty! Definitely get it authenticated first - you can probably use the authenticate thread at this stage. Good luck deciding!
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  3. I am totally obsessed with it! :nuts:
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  4. 2015 Feu next to 2007 Orange on the right

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  5. If you get this, will you still be able to "H-unt" while in Paris? :graucho::graucho::graucho:
    You seem obsessed. Get it.
    I got Lagoon B30 from Yoogies... no issue.
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  6. I got it.

    Fingers crossed I love it in person! If not, I can return it and try in Paris.

    I have an annual one bag quota from DH. :lol:
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  7. It is worth taking a shot & looking at her up close & personal.
    Hope that you are happy with the bag & enjoy!
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  8. Fingers crossed for you!
  9. Good choice!!!
    Wishing you GOOD LUCK!!!! But you won't need it bc you LOVE orange!
    It's really a no brainer since u can return if you aren't satisfied babe!
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  10. Maybe you could ask her to come down $500.00 on the price. I have been looking at used Birkins 30cm and Kelly 35. I would prefer one that is broke in rather than pristine but an exceptional price. Sorry I didn't see that you bought it already! Good Luck. I think it is beautiful.
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  11. Thanks for all your help and enabling. I looked through previous emails from last year and pulled up some comparison pics from orange Birkin ghw inquiries. My first H sighting was 15 years ago-- my friend's orange 32 kelly with ghw. We used to go to the H store as wide eyed students admiring their pretty things. Seems like I've always had a soft spot for the color combination!

    0.png IMG_2119.JPG
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  12. I actually had a coupon so from $9995 it was $8995 out the door. :flowers:
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  13. The color is so beautiful. ENJOY!!:yahoo:
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  14. Thank you! So excited! :nuts:
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  15. Great Deal!!!! I am excited for you, I cant wait to see pics. :biggrin:
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