Reseller Now or Paris later for specific bag?

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  1. I had Bababei authenticate, and I really had a great experience buying my bag. I'm headed to Paris in a year, I'll pick up an Evelyne then. The thought of multiple appoints at FSH for an Evelyne is a bit daunting..
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  2. I’d buy the bag now and spend my time in Paris enjoying Paris, not focusing before and during the trip trying to get an appointment. Even scoring an appointment (on their schedule) doesn’t mean you will be offered any bag let alone a Birkin in a color you want.
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    I think as long as the reseller one is exactly want you want & authenticated then there shouldn't be any regrets if you take it right now over the possibility of maybe getting this bag in Paris.

    You said it very eloquently yourself, this is going to be
    have a bag like this in my arms VS hope to get a brand new one
    (bold added by me obviously but I think you know it too :smile: )

    People will give different suggestions due to different weights they put on this "hope". This is probably different for everyone depending on one's risk tolerance / optimism etc. For me personally, if I am looking for a specific bag, the expectation of getting exactly that in Paris too low for me to disregard a good reseller option (expected value = probability * value, even if value is very very high, if the probability is 0.0001% the expected outcome is not that high).

    You can't judge whether a decision is the correct one or not based on future information that you do not know at the time of making the decision. That is to say, whether you get a bag in Paris or not in the end does not change how sound your current decision to get or pass the reseller bag is, because that is not a piece of known information for you right now. Rather, you can only try to make a decision with "there is a chance that I will get a bag and that chance is low". The question is then, how much do you value this chance? That is purely up to you & good luck either way! :smile:

    The only other thing I'd add is, if you get this one, would you still be trying to get one in Paris? If you can potentially afford two, obviously get this and then try for another in Paris.

    Edit: oh and if you decide to try you luck, double check the return policy on the reseller, if there is some return policy with a timeframe that works for you, you can at least order the pre-loved one near the edge of the return policy (and return it if you get a bag in Paris).
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  4. Reseller sent me another pic. She said for a 2007, the bag is in pretty good condition. Gahh.

    IMG_2119 2.jpg
  5. Pretty good condition means "exactly what" & I would request images so that there are no surprises
    Corner wear, handle issues, interior...that would be what I would want to know to start off with
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    We had a long conversation about the bag including leather condition, corner wear, handle wear, turnlock, smell, etc.

    There are also detailed images on their website.
  7. Are you confident with the conversation you had about the details of the bag. Can you think on it for a day
    or so?
  8. Yeah, after the conversation the bag sounds better than the description online. It's obviously not a store fresh 2020 bag so there's wear but there's also a 1 week return policy.
  9. The handles look like they may need a spa; perhaps that is the photo.

    What you gotten the bag authenticated? A must before purchasing, IMO.
  10. She said the handles look darker in the picture due to the shadow and in person the handles look pretty good.

    Can I post a link of the bag here? If I purchased the bag, I was going to get bababebi authenticate it.

    Here she is:
  11. If there is a 1 week return policy, I might consider the purchase. You can think about it even more up close
    & personal..
    Can you live with the "wear"? Are you near an Hermes store should it need a spa treatment?
  12. I just took a look at the listing & the description.I think it is worth a shot as you have a week return it.
    After Bababebi authenticates & you decide to go ahead with the purchase, enjoy her!
    I'm sure you'll have fun carrying it around Paris
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  13. I live near an Hermes store. :smile:
  14. I thought Yoogis return policy is 30 days?
  15. 7 days for Birkins
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