Reseller Now or Paris later for specific bag?

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  1. #1 Jan 19, 2020
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2020
    I'm going to Paris in 2 months and my first choice is an orange B30 ghw. I can get it from a reseller now (2007, gently used) for $9k which I think is a fair price-- correct me if I'm mistaken. I'm torn because scoring a Birkin in Paris can be such an ordeal and I know exactly what I want (B30 in orange, pink or black ghw) and don't want to play the H game to get the bag.

    My concern is that the bag will not be available via a reseller at this price later and a store fresh B is always divine. I thought a black B30 ghw would be my top choice but the orange B30 ghw (pic below is me but this is not the exact bag for sale) is an absolute SWOON!

    So I can pretty much have a bag like this in my arms next week in preloved condition or I can hope to get a brand new one 2 months at FSH which I feel is a tall order.


    Photo on 1-17-20 at 4.50 PM 5.jpg
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  2. I’d try Paris first.
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  3. Why not try Paris? If it doesn’t work, I am confident you will be able to find another orange B from a reseller.
  4. Buy from the reseller to avoid the drama.
  5. Does anyone have any intel on whether classic H orange is being offered this year or another shade of orange?
  6. I am tempted by the reseller's price. B30s
    Hi TeeCee77,
    As a B35 girl, I noticed that B30’s have been selling for more on the resale market. I thought $9k was a fair price for the bag I want. It’s 13 years old tho.
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  7. If the trip is already planned, perhaps just try your luck and see what happens? Getting a new bag straight from the boutique and possibly with a story behind it would be a great experience! The resellers will always be there with options for your perusal if the desired bag color+hardware combinations do not materialize in two months.

    If there's a "retail itch" to be scratched in the meantime, perhaps pickup a charm, scarf, SLG or some other lovely item to accompany you on the wait time until the Paris trip :biggrin:
  8. Wait for Paris.
    I got a k28 in Feu a few weeks ago. It’s not impossible and like the others have said, it is quite an experience.
    I also saw just a day or so ago someone got offered the same in a k25 so the colour is definitely available.
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  9. Wait for Paris :smile: It’s so possible!!
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  10. Thank you for your encouragement. I will wait. Be strong! :biggrin:
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  11. #11 Jan 20, 2020
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    I bought used black SHW Birkin from a reseller as I couldn't be asked to be pulled in (any) drama. I'd take it and potentially sell later if Paris works for you (note you actually have to get an appointment first and if your time in Paris is limited then not getting an appt means you'll spend a lot of your time queuing in other H stores).

    Regarding resellers are always there. As I was in the UK where we don't have really big reputable sellers like Fashionphile or Ann's (we have other that are ok but much smaller choice and obscene pricing), I was keen to secure a bag from a reseller that

    - had ability to show me the bag before buying (without travelling abroad)
    - had ability to take credit card (purchase protection and insurance on Amex)
    - had unconditional returns so I could inspect the bag at home and take detailed pictures for Bababebi to authenticate

    Only under these conditions I'd buy the bag and figured that trio didn't happen that often in the market I am. Just something to consider - my friend is currently in massive drama over (potentially) fake Chanel and apparently Paypal escalation process isn't as easy as she thought.
  12. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush as we have all heard many times
    Scoring an appointment at FSH can be more than challenging & there is no guarantee that your dream
    bag will be available to you. A tall order for sure
    The price of the Birkin seems to be fair if the condition is what you would like & the bag can be authenticated
    I say why not.
    Potential disappointment & 20/20 hindsight comes into play here, IMO
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  13. I would take the one you know is exactly what you want. To be frank, the quality of the leather from 2007, in my humble opinion, is much better than today’s thinner ones.
  14. I ended up doing this, after reading the shopping in Paris for Hermes thread. It seems as though appointments are harder to come by.
  15. I posted this in the unthinkable ......Hermes Bag Regrets thread. I think it fits here as well.

    I like your post, and I agree with you the resell market is wide open. I believe this is due to Hermes's ability to put pressure on the buyer (this is a great market strategy), which often leads to buyer remorse and bags being put on the resell market. It is an excellent time to buy resell from what I am seeing as long as you authenticate and buy from a reputable seller.
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