Resell Value?

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  1. hey everyone!
    i'm trying to convince my mom(my atm:shame:smile:, that designer bags are a good investment and the resell value for bags such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Balenciaga, etc are pretty good...(am i right?):weird: so really if i resell my bags for a good price it's much more worth it(might even save money) rather than to get a cheaper bag or *shudder* a knockoff.
    So my question is... what IS the resell value? for let's say, an LV bag in decent condition...? what about something lower end like Coach?

    HER side of the argument: i'm a student.. i'm a student... i'm a student...i'm only 20.
    opinions and advice, anyone? :lol:
  2. I'm sorry honey, you're not going to like this :sad: , but I have to side with mama (ATM), unless you can pay for the designer bags yourself or at least half of the price. You are a student, so that means $$ for tuition, loans, books, transportation, etc. those are the most important investment priorities right now. As for the resell value of handbags, it all depends on how much demand for it is, the condition, was it a limited edition, who is the designer - Chanel, Hermes, etc. and even then you might not get a good amount back.
  3. LV, Chanel and Hermes will always have a high resell value. I don't think I can say the same for Balenciaga or others

    Hi pursemama :biggrin:
  4. Hi fellow Leo...:biggrin: !
  5. Totally depends like the others have said. I wouldnt really think of them as an investment though...there are other things that could yield a lot more money (over time). Don't get me wrong, I love bags :nuts: I just dont think its much of a venture.
  6. oh...! i didn't mean investment in the sense i was hoping to make money out of selling my old bags...:shame: but rather... selling the old ones i'm bored of to get new ones... :amuse:
    and thanks for the honest opinions...! that's why i love u guys so much! :love:.
    *sigh* i cant wait to start working and makin' my own money and blowing everything on balenciagas!!!!! :P hahahha...
  7. If you take really good care of your bags you could get 50-70% of its value back, esp if it's a limited line (limited LVs in great condition can actually get more). But your mom may not agree with this. Just'll be out of college in no time and can get your bag without mom's approval lol.

  8. ooo okay. Well, in that case, I agree with angelica that you may be able to get a good deal of your money back if they are in good condition. If they are classic styles that helps as well :biggrin: I cant seem to part with any of my children (bags):cry: so I probably dont know what I'm talking about:lol:
  9. Like what others have said, it depends. Some brands have better selling values than others and sometimes it's the bag and not just the brand.
  10. I suggest waiting until you have more cash freed up to buy expensive purses. Going into debt for pretty things is not a good thing. That $1000 purse at 20% interest can be one expensive purse!
  11. I like to tell myself that my collection of beaded Fendi baguettes will be handed down to the grandchildren I might have in 30 years or so and become heirlooms...but I agree, spend the cash for college, bags will always be around to tempt you!
  12. Indeed, whatever you do, stay away from credit!

    Unless it's interest free and you know you can afford to pay it back in the 0% timeframe - cos once the interest rates go back up, you'll certainly feel the sting.:amazed:

    My most expensive bag, up until just over a week ago was a store bag which cost £59.99! x

    Stick with the college for now, once you leave and get yourself your dream job, you can then fund your purchases outright and you will be in bag heaven....!! :love: ;)
  13. I sold nine mid-range bags on ebay and made about $3K. I really didn't lose much on any of them when I figured out cost per wear. Only one bag garnered a $465 profit - an Isabella Fiore quilted hobo that for some reason everyone wanted.

    While I agree that bags are not long-term investments, selling these bags made it very easy to supplement my full-time income and still buy the high-end bags I lusted for. Some went on a credit card, but I was able to beat the high interest by making well over the minimum monthly payment. If I waited until I had cash on hand for everything I wanted, I'd be waiting a very long time. I simply try to charge smart and if I do go overboard, force myself to make some returns to the stores!
  14. I'm so glad that I didn't know or care much for designer purses until after college and grad school. I would be in alot of trouble!
  15. I have to say that I find it surprising and rather alarming when I read about teenage girls (like 15 and 16) buying bags that cost over $1K! Over on the makeupalley fashion forum it isn't unusal to see these posts. I am 45, and although I have always had a thing for bags, would not even entertain the idea of spending $1K plus until I was 43! My prioriites were so different in my 20's and 30's. One 16year old girl wrote that she "gets very high allowance." I would not have even appreciated my high end bags at that age, let alone been able to afford them!