Resell value of Tiffany Silver Jewelry

  1. Hi,
    What do you Tiffany experts think is a fair resell value or price for RTT silver charm bracelet and necklace. I'm thinking of selling my set since I don't wear it much. Thanks.
  2. eBay is your best bet. they're only silver, so if you try to sell it to a pawn shop, or something, you wont get alot. i took some sterling tiffanys to a pawn shop, just to see how much it was "worth". the guy told me that he could give me $25 dollars for a RTT bracelet. haha, yeah right!
  3. I would just search completed listings on eBay for the items you have and see what they have been selling for.
  4. 33-50% of retail
  5. i dont think u can get much bc people are weary of fakes
  6. yea, I don't think u can get much, you might as well give it out as a hand me down or something. :smile:
  7. Save it for a daughter. I think some of the Tiffany items have a little better resale because they're not so popular. Unfortunately there are so many of these. (I know - I bought them for my daughters - ha ha!). It's a pretty set, but I'm agree I think people are so wary of fakes. If your feedback is really good you might be able to get 40-50% of retail. That's why I would hold on to them.
  8. Depends on the buyer. I've sold a silver heart necklace before at about 60-70% of retail value.
  9. Thanks everyone. Well, now I'm thinking of giving them to my little girls. I know that they are popular, but I also thought that resell of these items would fare well.