Resell value for LE pieces?

  1. As LV sellers AND buyers, what do you all think is a fair/reasonable resell (eBay, etc) value for limited edition pieces? A certain percentage or dollar amount over retail?
  2. Depends on the piece. What ltd. eds. are you talking about? The new ones or the ones from the older lines?
  3. its really just supply and demand. just look around eBay and see what others are selling for, that should be the value. even if someone has a LE piece and there is no one who wants it, there is no point saying its worth anything(resale wise)

    one should get a LE piece because they love it, not because its worth x amount of money.
  4. ITA, they same as any other collectible
  5. At the time (spring 2003) I paid double price for my retro cherry blossom.
  6. ITA with comments above. In addition, the values vary over time, based on popularity. There was once a time when the Vernis Fleurs Lexingtons were going over a thousand bucks...
  7. For personal purposes, I am looking to sell my cerises porte monnaie rond on eBay, which retailed for $240. (Not sure if I am allowed to say that, so mods, please delete if necessary) I'm really just trying to figure out what a decent buy it now is. There aren't very many completed listings showing up.

    However, in addition to that, I was really just asking in general for future knowledge :smile:
  8. well in regards to your question, I think you should mark up your cerise rond to the price you think its worth. maybe $300 or so, and make a 'best offer' option. If no one is interested, its because no one is interested. Personally IMHO the cerise line is not as popular right now. Sorry I wasnt any help. Good Luck with your sale. :yes:
  9. It really depend on the piece
  10. cerises line always sells strong on Ebay, if you can't find similar listing, try to visit let-trade or karen kooper for some ideas. Good luck!
  11. I did an eBay search for the Cerises Ronde and there are several listings, the prices ranging from $349 to $460, most are at $349.
  12. i know. i hated those people who bought 5 different miroir pieces, and sold them all for double.... they really took away some christmas wishes from people...