Researching the Wunderkinder! Help a sista out!

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I've been lusting on and off after the Wunderkinder, and now that MHB has it in, I'm seriously considering it in black. I've tried searching and researching past reveals, but I still have a few questions...

    Is the bag heavy? My back is very sensitive to heavy bags - I even have to be careful with my French Nanny and not load her up too much!

    Speaking of, how does the size of the Wunderkinder compare to FN? I saw a comparison with a Boogie, so I'd imagine the Wunderkinder and FN are similar in size, since FN is smaller than the Boogie...

    Also, would I be able to hold notebooks or a binder in there? How much can the Wunderkinder hold? Since its a crossbody as well, I'd love to be able to carry it with me when I only have one or two classes.

    TIA ladies!
  2. Oh gosh, I don't have a wunderkinder so I am not really able to help answer your questions... buuuuuuuuut, if you buy one in black post pics ;) lol

    I'm sure Odeb will come 'round and answer your questions for ya!
  3. I have a surplus green wunderkinder...and I do not find it to be heavy...but it is heavier then other Tanos...for sure! I think MHB lists it as weighing 2.5 pounds and I would say that is accurate! But I had a blue velvet wunderkinder I sold (trying to size down the collection) and it was returned as the person had back/ neck problems and found it to be a heavy it could be a concern.

    Size wise, definately smaller then a boogie, but I do not think you could get a notebook or binder in a Wunderkinder...maybe a paperback book, but I even doubt a full size hard back book would fit...

    That being said...I love my Wunderkinder...and love the cross body strap option!

    Hope that helps you figure out if it is for you!!
  4. Thanks for the help Odeb! The weight definitely might be a problem for me -- guess it wasn't meant to be! Heavy bags cause me some pain at the end of the day, and they just frustrate me when I'm walking around with them.

    Thanks again!
  5. I have carried mine shopping all problems...but I do not carry the kitchen sink with me...but I will say by the end of the day the cross body strap was welcome...but I still seriously love the bag and think the weight is distributed well...if you love it it may be worth getting as long as you can return it!