Researching Hospitals/Doctors

  1. In another post, it was suggested to research hospitals in the area for the best maternity care. How and where do you do this? I was online and I am getting really vague results.

    I am torn between two hospitals in our area, the one that is literally within walking distance and across the street from the ped. we will use or the one 20 minutes away w/huge, private birthing rooms (but the ped won't come visit).

    And my OB just went part time... so if I make a switch, better do it before I get pg...
  2. Well, do you have an OB already or are you looking to switch? You will deliver at the hospital(s) your ob/gyn is contracted with. I absolutely hated the hospital I delivered in & quite frankly was sick of my Dr. & her horrible staff. I found an ob/gyn who is amazing & delivers at hospitals I like. I tried to switch my ob/gyn 6 months into my pregnancy but a lot offices wont take you if you have already been receiving pre natal care & my insurance would have charged me an arm & a leg to switch. If you are in search of a good ob/gyn ask your girlfriends which Dr. they use & if they are happy with him/her. I found my ob/gyn by taking names out of my insurance book, searched the name online & read reviews. You will hopefully pre-register into the hospital. You can take a tour of the facility to get a feel of the place.
  3. Call both, find out what level NICU they are - VERY important if you go into PTL {pre-term labor}.
    Next tour both and make sure your OB has privileges at both.
    3rd, every hospital has a Pedi, yours does not have to be there, your baby will get adequate care from the Pedi there.

    You'll probably know as soon as you tour which one you prefer:yes:
  4. I absolutely agree. The hospital we chose to deliver was the only one in the area that specialized in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). The hospital tour was great. The cleanliness and the level of professionalism exceeded our expectations. I thought I was staying at the Ritz! They even have valet parking for patients. :smile: Regarding your ped, I didn't know him til the day after I delivered and he was recommended by my OB/GYN. Usually your OB/GYN will give you a list of peds in the area that have the same hospital priviledges that you will deliver. Perhaps you can ask your OB/GYN who she recommends.
    Just a little advice, you should ask your OB/GYN if she plans to take a vacation around your duedate. Mine did! I was so upset that I wanted to change OB/GYN's but I couldn't. I believe once you are at your third trimester, you can't change OB/GYN's. Thankfully, my OB/GYN delivered my baby a few days before she went to Hawaii.
  5. Go to both hospitals and ask to take tours of them. Have them show you the delivery rooms and ask what services are available to expecting mothers and PP mothers. Also, like Swanky said: ask them about their NICU dept. The hospital I gave birth in had a very good one that was associated with the University Clinic that was about 10 minutes away by car.

    Do any of your friends have children? Ask them what hospitals they delivered at. Also, maybe you could enroll in a class at each hospital and ask the women there what they've though (if they have given birth there before) :smile:
  6. All my girlfriends have children. 2 delivered at one hospital and 2 at the other. I was at my dinner group last night and brought up the topic. They all said that the pediatrician wasn't a big deal. And that the hospitals were very similar (although the one farther away had nice, big, private rooms). They said the convenience factor may be worth switching Dr.s for... they said the last few weeks of the pregnancy you are at the Dr. all the time getting checked. Also, hubbie needs to take care of the dog and going around the corner is very appealing, as well as family being very close. All things being equal, I think I may switch (especially since my OB just went part time).

    I hadn't considered NICU, but I will look into that as well!

    Thanks for all the advice, ladies! I don't know what I would do w/o you :nogood:.
  7. I'm probably WAY over analyzing this, but here is what else I found:

    Hospital #1:
    the region’s only Level III Trauma Center; a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; In addition, SVBGH was honored for two consecutive years (2001 and 2002) as one of the nation's top performing hospitals in the 100 Top Hospitals® National Benchmarks for Success study conducted by Solucient, a health care information company. One of only two Virginia hospitals, Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital was named in Solucient’s first 100 Top Hospitals® Performance Improvement Leaders study in 2004. W/in walking distance from home. Pediatrician across the street.

    Hospital #2:
    Sentara Leigh Hospital also offers its Family Maternity Suite, which features 16 labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum (LDRP) suites and nine additional beds for other obstetric patients.The facility was honored for two consecutive years (2001 and 2002) as one of the nation's top performing hospitals in the 100 Top Hospitals® National Benchmarks for Success study conducted by Solucient—one of only three Virginia hospitals recognized in 2002 Doesn't mention NICU. 20-30 minutes from home, my OB is part-time.

    Based on this info, where would you go, hospital #1 or #2? :shrugs:
  8. does your OB have privileges at #1?
  9. ^^Nope.
  10. I'd go with hospital #1 because of the NICU rating (if anything happens, the hospital can treat and accommodate accordingly. If you go with #2, they may have to eventually transfer your little one to #1 anyway.

    Call hospital #1 and ask them for a list of OB/GYN's that have hospital priviledges there. In my case, I called the hospital and asked for USC graduates (my alma mater:p) and asked for their credentials (where they did their residency and what they specialized in). The hospital will give you all this information. After that, I called up every OB/GYN and went to their office and found one that I felt comfortable with...someone who had great bedside manners, had own kids, etc. I also happened to know a few nurses at the hospital and they recommended my OB/GYN.
    Good luck!
  11. Great advice... I think I am going to go to #1. I already know of a great group that delivers there... as soon as I get a BFP, I'll make the switch. My sister's friend is an OB and I feel comfortable w/her. She is not married, so I am not concerned with ANOTHER ob/gyn going part-time (this is my third), making it impossible to get in to see them.

    Thanks guys... I needed to talk that decision out.

    Please send me some babydust :tender:
  12. forget fancy big rooms - when you are giving birth you couldn't care less how nice the room is (cleanliness and equipment is the important thing). or maybe I should ask: does that mean you can spend times in these rooms prior to going into the delivery room? I mean for the initial contractions? is there a room like this in hospital no 1? because that is important!

    the NICU is also important IMO - your pedi to be close doesn't matter if you ask me because most likely the hospital will use their own staff.

    go and check out both: the actual delivery room doesnt need a lot but private space prior to giving birth is nice. NICU facilities are important, if not in same hospital, at least close by
  13. As I understand it, at Hospital #2 you are in the same room for everything. At Hospital #1, I think you delivery one place and recover in your room.
  14. when in recovery you don't care anymore about the room etc, the baby is NO 1! - the question is what happens prior to the actual delivery, kwim? I was in hospital 2 full days before delivery and was induced, spent a whole night in labour with no results etc and having a private room was what kept me sane and let my mum have a nap once in a while. i saw other ladies that were doing their 'pre-delivery' exercises and contractions etc in a common room and that wasn't for me, personally. i would find out about that.
  15. ^^ Good suggestion! I get anxious if too much stuff is going on around me, so I will absolutely be checking that out!