Researching Global prices and now...Vernis AMARANTE Brentwood on the way!!

  1. I normally post in the Chanel forum, and have neglected my LV Obsessions for about 2 years now till recently the Amarante color caught my eye.

    I waited till 7pm PST yesterday before the Hong Kong and Singapore boutiques were open to inquire about the prices. Being that the prices in Singapore was actually more expensive than the USA, I decided to call up LV locally to get it anyways.

    I was destined to have this bag. I already have the Houstan, which costs right about $600 7 years ago has doubled in price. But my rationale is it's the color I want!

    For those ladies out there who would like the HK prices of some of the bags I requested the price tag for, here they are:
    Bedford Vernis: HKD 9250, SG1920
    Houstan Vernis: HKD 10900
    Malibu Street Vernis: HKD 6450
    Ludlow Fuschia Vernis: HKD 2500
    Ludlow Framboise Vernis: HKD 2600
    Sunset Blvd: HKD5850

    I am waiting patiently till I see that box come through my door next week!!!
  2. Welcome back to LV! Congrats on your new Amarante Brentwood!
  3. Thanks for the info and please post pics when it arrives:nuts: and welcome back!
  4. Yeah! I have this...gorgy! Congrats!
  5. welcome back
  6. Congrats and please post pics when u get it! :okay:
  7. Congrats!
  8. Congrats, I can't wait for my mom to give me mine, I'm getting impatient!
    This bag is GORGEOUS in person!
  9. Great choice, I can't wait to see pics of your new bag as I am sure it is hot, hot, hot!
  10. Yippee!!! The Amarante has roped back an LV fan!!! Congratulations on your Brentwood! This color is definitely one of the best colors LV has ever come up with!!!
  11. congrats! i surely miss HKD!
  12. Congratulations.