Researching Chloe

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  1. I'm just doing a bit of research on the company of Chloe, and I'm wondering if anyone knows the why or wherefore of how they came to choose the names of their bags? Edith? Betty? Paddington? When did they start making handbags?
  2. Temo, why don't you email on their publicity section and see if anybody can get back to you on the names. Its not a new concept, many companies give their bags names. Chloe has been established since the 50's. Some interesting reading here :smile:
  3. I agree with Chloe-Babe.
    Chloes website is quite informative and gives the impression that they'd be more than happy to tell you more should you need it. (Thats the impression I get from it anyway)
    Perhaps you could start a thread enlightening us to any new facts you find out? I'm sure many Pf members would appreciate that :yes:

    Good luck with your research :smile:
  4. Thanks, I'll do that and report anything interesting back.