researching a Coach product number?

  1. My Mom has a purse that I don't know the name of but she read off the number from the creed today to me over the phone. It's 0370-246. How can I find out what it is based on that? She's going to send me pictures, but I thought that there was some sort of drill down where you could look it up based on the style number. It's hunter green leather and probably 15-20 years old.

    Thanks so much for help!
  2. I believe this is listed in the Coach FAQ Section, but here it is for ease:

    Copy and paste the link into your browser, then when the full link appears - Change the number after drilldown1/##### to your bag number (right side only) and the image should come up.

    (Thanks to original poster for teaching me this GREAT tool)
  3. I love that link...anyone know why some of the items don't pull up?
  4. call coach. they can look it up
  5. 246 would be the style number, but honestly something that old might not be in our system anymore.
  6. Hi. That is an older bag in which Coach won't be able to help you with identifying. It is an actual serial number. It will not work in the drill down.

    Post some photoas, as that is the only way to help you out. One of us should be able to figure it out!
  7. Thanks everyone! I'll post photos today as soon as she emails them to me!

  8. some factory outlet bags don't come up.. also there are lots of #'s that aren't associated with bags .. (yet. hopefully :smile: )
  9. Thank you, Finzup!
  10. The all-number serial number means it was made before 1994 and it won't be in the drilldown or in Coach's records.