??!!! Research found a scent that makes men think you're 12lbs lighter than actual!!!

  1. I was reading a book on dressing to not look fat (I thiink it was the one by Darina Lo), when i read this bit on a 10yr scientific study that accidentally found this one scent combination that made men think the wearer weighed 12lbs less than their actual weight!!:wtf:

    It was (i practically have this memorised!!)
    - cinnamon (which adds to alertness i think)
    - musk - as a stabilising base note
    - hyacinth
    - tea rose
    -- lily of the valley - THE key ingredient. apparently on its own, in tests, it affects the smeller's perception of their own size relative to other objects - it makes the smeller feel larger than the objects surrounding him!!
    - and 2 other things i don't remember, but weren't that essential..

    but she did say that it was this exact one combination that did the trick, but that it wasn't commercially available, but you could get your own mixed, from real (not synthetic) fragrances..

    I can't believe it!! but it makes sense...

    here's the funny thing - it doesn't work for female smellers!! apparently, either our brain is just wired differently, or there's no fooling us - we are just able to accurately determine someone else's actual weight!

    they actually use this on BDD sufferers now (to perceive themselves with.. dunno if that's working..)

    i'm so going to try this... at least, the lily-of-the-valley scent... (anyone know a good one?)
  2. LOL!!! That is the most bizarre thing I have ever heard! Alright, go test it out girl, and report back!
  3. :hrmm:my boyfriend must carry around this mixture at all times when we're out together
  4. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  5. Well then, this goes on the shopping list ! :graucho:
  6. Neat! Tell us how things turn out!
  7. 12 lbs huh? Gee, the perfume I use only makes me appear 9.47 lbs lighter. I'll have to switch.
  8. Wow! I can't believe that. Lily of the valley smells really nice too. If you find one please let us know! I really wannat try it! :yes:
  9. I'll bet companies are already making up a new batch to market. Just watch. :yes: But I'm for it! I may give it a try myself! Thanks for the info.