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  1. I realized the same problem a few days ago. I really want to pre-order aqua lilly and pick up the other 3 down the road. I won't pay $27.50 ($20+7 shipping) for one bottle though. There are plenty of other colors I could add but with 7 more new colors coming out so soon I feel like I should probably just wait.

    Thanks for the clarification! I apparently didn't read very well and just went by your mask picture, so I was expecting a cornflower blue creme with copper shimmer! Still a great color, just not what I had been expecting.
  2. Is the fan collection LE?
  3. I haven't heard otherwise so I would assume yes. All of Ji's colors are LE except like 5 core colors (coral, grunge, moulin rouge, chinoise, and plie).
  4. thank you ladies! :hugs:

    Yup. RBL's new colors are always LE... there are only a couple (5? 10?) colors in the entire lineup that aren't LE.
  5. I'm totally late to the game, I know, but I finally just got a chance to sit down and look at all the swatches of the fan collection! IKB:2012, Cuprum, and Aqua Lily will so be coming home with me! Aqua Lily is just dying to be a pedi color! and IKB:2012? This could be my favorite blue ever - and trust me, I have a lot of blues.

    Awesome job, C_P! I can't wait to see your polish in person!!
  6. Really? I had no idea, thanks ladies! Better grab what I want then :graucho:
  7. siigh shame that was totally what i was hoping for a rich royal blue creme with flecks of copper...sigh oh well. And i' not even a blue lover as such, i only have 3 so for me to hope for a blue is saying something....
  8. When does the pre-ordering for these start?
  9. I just tried my first RBL tonight (Under the Stars) and I'm surprised at the dry time! I only put on one coat cuz I had some stuff to do, and figured I'd put the second coat and QDTC on later. But this one coat is still quite dentable/dingable after like 30 minutes... Crazy. Maybe it's a skin chemistry thing. Anyone know if UtS has a longer than usual dry time?
  10. Don't know i've only worn Mismas so far and the first hand was almost dry by the time i had done the second hand....maybe it depends on what type of polish it is ie creme, shimmer, duochrome ect
  11. Is it true that there's going to be 7 new colours (in addition to the 4 new colours in the Fan Collection) that will be coming out in the next couple of months?

    Does anyone have any info on that? Thx!! :biggrin: xx
  12. Should be March 23rd - this Friday.

    Yup. All 7 have been color matched by the lab already, so they're pretty much ready to go. I'm guessing we'll see the pre-order for them in May or June, just to spread things out.
  13. Thanks, cheetah! I hope it is May or June rather than April... I am sure all 7 colours will end up on my wishlist, so 11 new RBLs all of a sudden is a bit of a shock to the wallet! (Along with all the Lynns, Nerds, Cults and Diors that have been crashing into my credit card this last month!!) Yikes!! :biggrin: xx
  14. Can someone post the link where I can see pics or swatches of the new colors?:cool:
    Can't find it
  15. Of the Fan collection? Scrangie and ALU