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  1. Regardless of Ji's "shenanigans" it still stiinks that this happened. I don't care about nail polish politics, I care about gorgeous, unique colors and good formula, which RBL has. I pre-ordered my three have-to-have colors from the collection and I think I'm going to have to order my first-ever back-ups now so I don't end up having to try to ration the gorgeous colors that I just want to wear with pride.
  2. IMO, no. BD is easier to apply and softer on the eyes than marshmallow, which I find to be a streaky mess.
  3. And yet with her oceans of research on Georgia O'Keefe she managed to totally miss that there was a GO'K museum that administers her estate? I know very little about her life or art, yet I know that much, just off the top of my head.
  4. Holy smokes batman! I am shocked at what I just read. What a hot mess!
    Lucky those who ordered the entire collection indeed but frankly I am just happy I got the only one that interested me, Santa Fe Road.
  5. When will this collection be up for sale? Is there a date yet? I have to find a way to get these now. I waited hoping to come up with the funds and now I get the feeling they may sell out awfully fast. As far as the blog post. It doesn't seem as though the actual names are in violation in my opinion. What truly confuses me is if she changes the names why are they saying she can only sell them for 6 months? I would assume she would be told to change the names and then continue to sell or that she would need to cease selling immediately.
  6. In her blog post it states that she deliberately chose names that weren't trademarked by the estate...which suggests she knew there was an estate, just not that there was a museum attached to it, maybe. I don't know.

    In my opinion the names are fine and this is yet another case of a small business owner being bullied. I don't know anything about copyright laws or trademark rights, but I don't understand a few things:

    A: How they can make her take down her polish after 6 months if she changes the names and descriptions of the polish and collection. I can understand wanting to hold on to artistic integrity but if she just assigned each polish a number and named the collection "Summer Polish" how could they insist she take it down? It's her polish and her company.
    B: How they can make her pay money? What did she do to cause them to lose revenue?
    C: They are stupid. Ok, so I didn't have a third thing I was confused about.

    If it were me I would change the name of the collection but keep the polish names, not pay a dime, and tell this mysterious "Estate" to bring it. Like many C&D letters, it is probably an empty threat. Remember the Ciate letters to bloggers about their "caviar" trademark? Remember how everyone just did it anyway? Know any bloggers who have been sued, lately?
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    Well first, I certainly didn't know there was a Georgia O'Keefe museum, but I also didn't know who Georgia O'Keefe was in all honesty. She sounded like a civil rights activist or politician when I first heard about the collection. But hey, that's ignorance for you. When I said she does her research, I meant that she takes the time to get to know the subject in order to create a polish similar to the idea that she sees. Everyone on here has talked about her poor business skills, so I am by no means defending her. As my last sentence said, if she put so much of her heart into this project, she should have fought for it in some way.

    However, I already got the polishes I wanted from the collection. So it doesn't really matter to me if she sells them or not. But I feel bad for those who didn't pre-order and possibly will not be able to purchase them. Yet another reason to take your lawyers advice and litigate in some way. Like I said, arbitration would have been an easy way to go. Change the name of the collection to something ridiculous like 'The Collection Formerly Known as the Person Who Shall Remain Nameless" and let's get what limited polishes she made of this collection out to the masses.
  8. I actually agree with most of your points. I just found the comment that she had done weeks and weeks of research on the artist, THEN claimed later that she knew nothing about an estate or a museum to be disingenuous and irksome. And self-serving.

    The colors are gorgeous, and I find it ludicrous that they threaten to sue over a name like Santa Fe Rd.

    Just don't tell me you did weeks of research in a subject and fail to unearth that there is a museum dedicated to her.
  9. Please see above. If you don't know who she was, who cares, big deal, you weren't the one claiming to have done weeks of research on the subject. My comment was on the inconsistencies I'm being given by RBL, not on anything you said.

    And the estate and museum may be mysterious to you, as someone with no particular interest in that artist. They should not be mysterious to anyone who has attended a show or looked casually at a book about the artist, since they are credited and mentioned over and over. So for a business owner and self-described interested party to tell me they've done weeks of thorough research, then say oops, missed the museum dedicated to the artist I'm spending weeks researching says to me you are misleading me or the laziest researcher in the planet and don't deserve the pat on the back you're giving yourself for your intense and thoughtful research.

    That said, I think a C&D is utterly silly here. And my post wasn't aimed at you or calling you any of the names you mentioned, elongreach. Ji is the one who claimed she had done weeks of intense research on her blog post. I thought you were quoting or referring to her point made there.
  10. I do feel bad for Ji and what has happened with this collection. I don't know how the name Georgia or flower names can be copyrighted, but then again, I'm no lawyer. It does make me wonder if this is karma biting Ji in the butt though, because the bullying she is receiving from this museum is so much like the bullying she has done to others. I do hope Ji and the company can move past this and still create more beautiful colors because, gah! RBL sure has been a mess lately...
  11. Sorry but i honestly don't know why everyone is flipping their lids over this collection when i first saw pictures of it i thought 'meh' boring. Maybe one or two have enough depth for those that enjoy those type of colors but come on! On the whole they are pretty typical colors, the light blue...i'm sure Essie has a cream similar to it, and if not them then ChG or OPI, and the orange that everyone is going nuts for is the same, lots of pumpkin oranges out there. I feel that many people are just excited because it's RBL and that's it, for me the polish has to be really unusual for me to want to spend over $20 for plus the $18.5 it would cost for international shipping!

    I mean I've wanted Starfish Patrick for ages and now i hear its being brought back in November but i really don't know if i'll be getting it because none of the other colors of her line really appeal to me, i have the ones i wanted originally apart from Starfish Patrick, and IKB but that is out of stock and no idea when she'll be restocking that vibrant blue...anyway the idea of doing an order for one polish with that type of shipping is so wrong....

    RBL might have been cutting edge at one time but i honestly don't feel that it is any more, and for that price i feel it doesn't justify the cost. I'm not saying that some of her colors aren't interesting and i'm sure some of her future colors will be as well but her stuff isn't as interesting as some other small pollish companies and they certainly aren't run by huge drama queens like RBL is.

    Sorry just me two cents....
  12. BTW... does anyone know the story behind the mysterious Facebook comments from Ji's insiders saying things like "It's okay Ji, us REBELS know the TRUE story"??
  13. When will the new collection be up for order? Is there a date yet?
  14. in the comments on fb she replied that she hopes to have them available by the end of the week -
  15. I just went digging and found that. Thanks!