Rescue Beauty Lounge - swatches & chit chat

  1. Hi Abby, nothing has been deleted from this thread. Could the quote have come from another thread or section? If you go to your Control Panel you might be able to see if there was another. Hope that helps!
  2. Thanks Tracy. I don't see anything, it's not a big deal I just didn't want someone to think I was not replying to them. Since I don't see anything in notifications or in this thread it will be chalked up to the same naughty elf that steals our socks from the dryer. ;)
  3. Her response to the poster about Pepto Pink on FB says "Bloody post"...I'd be willing to bet she meant "BLOG" post and autocorrect was stupid like it always is and changed it to "bloody".
  4. Pretty sure what you said is very true! Can't imagine Ji coming out with "read the bloody post".....she is much to smart for that type of comment.
  5. That is a good point calmo73, I truly hope that was the case.
  6. Aqua Lily! :smile:

  7. Ugh I have the jealousy bug :cry: lol . It looks pretty on you though !
  8. aw! its coming back!! :smile: hopefully w. piu mosso..
  9. Piu Mosso is also included in the BIB!!! I can't wait for those :biggrin: I love semi-secret shimmer
  10. LOVE IT!! This is one of the best swatches I've seen of it! Whether or not the pink shimmer is strong...I lovvvve the color
  11. Secretly sexy shimmers - love it!:p

  12. OMG...thank goodness. I've been weeping over that one foreverr. I just heard on the other board Aqua Lily would be back... you made my day!

    yesss i am a huge sucker for all the secret shimmers!
  13. Love this picture!! I've only worn it as a pedi so far but I may wear it this weekend. I think I'll do a mani this time and use Zoya Zuza as a complementary pedi.
  14. This is so gorgeous!! Love.Need.Want.:biggrin:
  15. It'll be a good BIB. I don't remember the full list of colors but there's a blog post somewhere with the info