Rescue Beauty Lounge - swatches & chit chat

  1. Thanks!

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  2. Thanks!
  3. Note that the RBL shopping cart system does not play well with Microsoft Internet will want another browser such as Safari, Google, or Firefox ready to go when shopping!
  4. Hey, look, we're practically neighbors! Hi STL buddy! :smile:

    And, since that was OT, where do I sign up for emails so I know exactly when preorders start for the Georgia collection? I'm allowing myself to break my ban for Jack In The Pulpit, Faraway Nearby, and Oriental Poppy :biggrin:
  5. There's a section on her front home page on the right side of the screen called "VIP List". You just enter your email address and the hit the go button and you should be good.
  6. Thank you!
  7. Hi! Looks like your question was answered! The e-mail with the link for the pre sale is expected to go out in early June.

    Your choices are ban breaking worthy! I am on the fence about Santa Fe Road as I am not an orange person. The collector (or hoarder?) in me says to buy it. I am excited for Bella Donna, Ghost Ranch, and Faraway Nearby!
  8. Man, I am deeply considering breaking my no-RBL rule for Aqua Lily when it comes back. I only broke it once before, but the self-hatred was pretty intense. But my Aqua Lily regret is equally intense!
  9. Well, if you hate yourself at least you'd have that gorgeous color on your nails. ;)

    Er...I saw a near dupe posted last night at another forum I'm on...

    Here you go:

    Oh my Oceania! is not a dupe at all, but hey, very gorgeous. Perhaps some seashell pink pigment added to that and you may have something closer.
  10. Wearing one of my favorite RBLs and dare It's in my top 10 fav out of all the polishes I own. I want to try to find a back up of this one. RBL 360 with an accent nail of aengland princess sabra

  11. Gorgegous combo Lu! Ahhhhh speaking of RBL news:

    'Mark your calendar. 48 hours pre-order, this coming Wed June 6th 12PM EST' from Ji's tweet.
  12. This looks so pretty on you. Have you guys sent he comparison posts Ji put out? Now, I like Oriental Poppy too .... :sweatdrop:
  13. RBL Under the Stars


    RBL Purple Haze with Lacquer Convention Snap, Crackle, and POP! accents

  14. I'm lost, I just know I'm going to get the whole collection. Stupid OCD.

    Loving the swatches!! May have to get purple haze soon.
  15. What's everyone preordering tomorrow!? I'm getting Jack in the Pulpit and Santa Fe Road definitely, I'm thinking about Ghost Ranch too.