Rescue Beauty Lounge fall color release date?

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  1. Do any of you know when the new fall polish colors will be up for sale on the Rescue Beauty Lounge website? I missed the preorder date. I love all 4 of the upcoming colors and would like to get them before they sell out.
  2. I would guess it's pretty soon since the pre-order was over a month ago.
  3. Thanks! I know it's this month, just wondering exactly when. I'll have to check out your blog. I've gotten addicted to nail blogs recently. Hence my obsession with getting these polishes! LOL!
  4. I know, I missed the pre-order too! I keep checking the website :oh:
  5. Haha, thanks! Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. I myself am just waiting for their sale...
  6. On the RBL facebook page it says they will be getting the new colors next week.
  7. I just saw that - thanks!
  8. FaceBook page says they will be available Thursday, September 23rd. Yea!
  9. not a fan of their CS, esp since it was the owner.
  10. Bought Catherine and Anne. :yahoo:
  11. I'm not a fan of these colors, except maybe Catherine H. - they rest have been done already.
  12. I did see some comparison swatches but I don't have anything like Anne and I liked it best of the three compared so I got it. I do have some purples but again nothing close to Catherine. So for me - these were great.
  13. I ordered Catherine, Catherine H & Anne, got the "your items have been shipped" email within 2 hours of placing the order! Can't wait!
  14. I've changed my mind - I'm really digging Catherine.
  15. I actually thought the colors looked kind of boring at first, but now that I've seen swatches of Anne I really want it.