rescue beauty lounge 50% off sale

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  1. several blogs have posted RBL will have their 50% off polish sale again this year. it's november 1st from 11am - 4pm.

    last year i bought four bottles of polish during this sale. three of the four were busts. they were goopy, runny and just plain terrible. i bought opaque nude, concrete and stormy (the latter two which were basically the same color). it wasn't until recently (because of fall) that i took out the au chocolat, which is brilliant. the color, application, finish; it's perfection.

    after reading lots of reviews of different polishes on the RBL site, it seems that during last year's sale the company sent out lots of bum nail polish that wasn't any good. many say the colors they received were very different than shown on sites, implying that they were a bad batch.

    my question is did anyone here at tpf experience this with their RBL polishes ordered from the sale?

    i am thrilled with au chocolat and think maybe it is the fact that creams are usually safer than other formulas, but i definitely don't want to go nuts with this sale and end up with a bunch of junky polishes.
  2. I have opaque nude that I bought at regular price and I have to say that the formula is terrible on it. Thick, goopy, difficult to apply. Maybe the quality varies by color? I've read lots of raves about rbl application but my experience with that color was far from positive.
  3. ^^^
    yes, that very well could be. it just seems the bulk of complaints on the site have to do with the sale. who knows. i will choose carefully.
  4. I was looking forward to the sale because the one RBL that I own applied like a dream when I swatched it.

    I was hoping to pick up atleast 3 or 4 colors but now I'm nervous. Will it not be ALL of their colors? Just some?

    I need to make a list of what I want
  5. ^^^
    the only colors that are excluded are the new real housewives of the tudors collection.
  6. i agree completely, bought like 15 of them and they were horrible to put on, goopy after using 1x, chipped almost immediately and the cust srvc was deplorable. do not buy...stay far away
  7. Oh thats good. I need to make my list of 4 of 5. I have to buy enough to justify shipping costs. I read there is no free shipping.
  8. Really?:sad:
  9. really?! :Push:

    i'm wondering if they have the sale just to get rid of old polish. nail polish of every price point is so hit or miss that i figured i just chose bad formulas, but in preparation for this sale, i looked at A LOT of reviews on the RBL site and it seems when ordering from the sale (last year), you're bound to get bad polish.

    that is really bad for business imho. it's because 3 of the 4 polishes were junk that i didn't bother buying any at regular price. had they all been like au chocolat, i definitely would have placed a substantial order because i do my nails myself, so spending on nail polish is not a problem.
  10. Dang, I wanted to order one to see how it was... Going to pass because I don't want to deal with still expensive crap nail polish.
  11. wow- luckily I read this thread before the sale starts... I will now not be purchasing from RBL
  12. that's strange, because I have that colour and the application is great for me - very good coverage in 2 coats, no brush lines and long lasting (^(oo)^)v
  13. Requesting that people post their swatches and manis here.

    I have made a small list of colors that I'm considering and really want to see the colors :biggrin:
  14. This brand has always been out of my price range for me. Even with the sale, I think I'll pass for now. Unless I see something so unique that I have to have it.
  15. yes it is kinda pricey. Thats why I feel its best for me to try while on sale. If I can drop $23 on Chanel polishes then its worth a shot for me to pick up a few RBLs while they are half price.:P