resalve value of a dior gaucho?

  1. Hi all
    Amongst the plethora of fake dior gauchos on ebay, do you think it would be beneficial for me to sell my dioe gaucho on ebay? What have you noticed they have been going for? I just cannot determine weather it would sell or not, specifically because of the mass amounts of fake dior gauchos on ebay. I know taking alot of pics helps, but what should I start the bidding at? I havent sold a dior on ebay before, so im kind of lost. help?

    (if this sort of post isnt allowed, please edit/delete)
  2. I think it's pretty hard to sell any bags these days on ebay and I would guess that you'll may loose quite a bit on it e.g there is an authentic Gaucho right now on the German ebay for the 3rd time and it has a start of 900$ and a BIN 1160$ and nobody is buying it even that's a great price. May be it's better to hold on to it for a bit longer and sell it later. I love my gaucho may be you'll fall again in love with it. What colour is it?
  3. I sell quite a bit on eBay and it's very slow these days. You most likely will take a loss. Dior doesn't do the greatest....I sold a Dior tote awhile ago and got half of what I paid. What I make the most on is LV and sometimes then I don't get what I paid. eBay is not a job for me....I just sell my bags that I don't use to get new ones, so I'm not doing it everyday. It goes in waves, I think it might depend on the time of year. I agree with Tanja......maybe you'll fall in love again. I love my gauchos. It's still a hot bag!
  4. Post a pic
  5. What size is it and what did you pay for it..That gives a guideline for what you should ask on Ebay...
  6. its the med size and i paid 1400$ for it, I dont know if people really care how much i paid for it as long as they are getting a steal of a deal LOL
  7. I just love the red Gauco and I hope that if you sell that you get a good price. I think you are right that people on ebay just want to get a good bargain. Good luck!!!
  8. Belle03, your gaucho is very beautiful, I hope you will be able to sell her. Good luck. =)

    As a result of countless fake items on ebay, people are scared of getting fakes themselves. When the BIN price is very closed to retail price, many would rather buy the item from stores to avoid any headache. Unless the item is so in demand and unavailable, I think it's hard to sell it near/at/above retail price.
  9. Summer Is Always A Downtime On eBay (for Selling)......But, It's Fabulous For Buying!

    It's A Beautiful Bag...I Wish You Lots Of Luck With Your Sale!
  10. Hi. I'm new to this site so I think I'm violating the rules of this "thread" but I'd like some advice unrelated to reselling a dior. I love the off white gaucho and finally have the means to purchase it and still be able to eat. Is it still worth it? Or has it been the "it" bag for so long now that the fakes will take over?

  11. I actually don't care if the bags I love are in or out. I just love my black Gaucho and I'll wear next year as well. IRL there aren't that many Gauchos around anyway and most people won't know if you are carrying an IT bag or not. It's just a question of loving it enough to spend over 1k on it.
  12. Completely agree with Tanja!! I have 2....white and I'm going to be exchanging my brown for the black. I recently saw the black and just love it!