resale values on different brands, re: consignment shops

  1. would you ladies say that chanel, LV and hermes have the best resale values? i am SO DISAPPOINTED in the resale value of my $1300 gucci pelham! the bag is BRAND NEW as i've hardly used it and i just don't think i use it enough to keep it! i'd rather take that money and use it for something LV but i can't bare to let it go for less than $700!!

    anyone know of any good online consignment shops that i may be able to sell this bag that would allow me to sell it for a little more than what they're going for on eBay? there's some on there going for like $200 and it makes me SICK! :throwup:
  2. Balenciaga bags have very good resale value...LV, I'm not sure? Consignment shops take too much of the sale price IMO.
  3. ^^^ probably. think unfortunately i'll just have to go the eBay route.
  4. in my experience gucci and dior have had the worst re-sale value for me.
  5. from my experience i think balenciaga and chanel have the best resale value. the worst is chloe because of the crazy sale and stuff
  6. honestly eBay is your best bet Consignment shops usually take half of what the bag sells for...right now ebay sales are slow...but if you wait till the fall or the holidays im sure you will get a better price. If you can find a picture of a celeb using the same bag it might help in sales and put it on your auction. I would also start the bidding at the lowest price you will may not want to go lower than 700 but it's better getting something than nothing and having a bag in your closet you will not use or you just dont want anymore. Maybe you can start at 649.99
    ending auctions at 129.99, 459.99 etc always makes the person think they are getting a deal or try 699.99...

    that looks better than 700.00 1 cent off but seems like a better deal... just a little trick =]
  7. I have had the best luck w/ Chanel & LV.
    PRADA has never sold well & if you look a lot of the genuine bags go cheap!
  8. ITA w/ the 1 cent or 1 dollar trick! $99 looks better than $100! Odd but true!
  9. yup, haha learned all about it, just a marketing trick. but it is a good idea to wait. i don have to have the money right now, but i want it right before christmas so i can buy what i want. just makes me feel better to know i'll have the cash before i waitlist for something :p but if i'll get more for it i'll definitely wait.
  10. LV probably has such good resale value, because it never goes on sale. The only way you can get it cheaper is to get it second hand.
  11. But I think because LV is arguably the most counterfeited handbag, on ebay, you might not get at all close to what you paid because of cautious buyers. I would never buy LV from ebay, I just go to the boutques.

    I do agree that Balenciaga and Chanel have amazing resale potential though, especially certain leather years/ colors for Bbags!
  12. I agree LV has wonderful resell value, however it's heavily faked so it's always buyer beware on the resale market. When something never goes on's value stays way up high. Compare it to travel...You'll never get the $99 special with breakfast at a FourSeasons hotel either! You get what you pay for.