Resale values for Bbags...

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  1. #1 Jan 18, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 2, 2011
    How are resale prices for Bbags? x and I was wondering if I would get a fair resale value for it... Thanks a lot!!!
  2. I believe the general policy on this forum is that we do not discuss what would be "fair" resale prices. In general, BBags fetch good resale prices if they are in good shape, and in particular if the style and/or colour is rare/popular. I would advise you to do a search on eBay or similar forums - you can search "completed listings" in the Advanced Search function on eBay to see what similar bags have sold for recently.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I am not selling anything. My question was if I would get a fair resale value. I believe an answer to my question would either be "No, you won't get a fair value because of the newer available bags" or "Yes, you will get a fair resale value because it's an older model, etc. etc.". I've researched ebay and bonanzle and I've found that some older Bbags sell for more than they retailed for.

    Sorry if my post was misconstrued as selling. Again, I am not selling anything.:nogood:
  4. Is your PT GH or RH? Many Bal fans feel 2007's leather is next best to 2004/2005 leather, however, some 2007 S/S Black has turning greenish problem. It really depends on its leather, overall condition and hardware. If it is in like new condition and with GGH, I bet you will get a decent price.
  5. Thanks HandbagAngel! It's RH. I guess that answered my question. I know a lot of celebrities made the GH popular. And somehow, RH has been forgotten.

    Thanks a lot!!!:okay:

  6. I prefer RH. If it's chevre, and if it's in 'as new' or mint condition, I think it would be highly sought after.
  7. All I know is that I can't sell exellent condition bags to save my life, but certain online resellers receive very high prices on basic color b-bags. It really blows my mind.
  8. From what I have observed.....if the bag has good leather, is in good condition and is black or an HG colour the resale value is pretty high - sometimes even higher than retail for a coveted year (say 2005) or coveted colour. Chevre seems to have more appeal than Agneau. Cities seem to hold their value the best - the part-time has a more limited target market but is a popular style.
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    Hey, thanks for the info guys!
  10. I just have to vent a little - I love to buy used b-bags, some are mint some have a lot of wear (i.e. bashers). I'll pay over full price for true unused rare color mint bags - but what really burns my butter is sellers charging high prices for worn corners or stained handles. I'm not quite sure how one can ask only a 1/4 off retail with such flaws. Too bad I love to buy basher bals!
  11. I agree. I hate the bags slightly below retail with pen marks. That kills me.