Resale value

  1. Does Chloe have good resale value? I noticed on eBay today, that there were a a lot of chloe for sale w/o any bids.
  2. I think because of the sales at the moment things are not moving as fast on eBay as they should as people are still too busy snapping up things in the sale. I think Chloe Resale is Fair - its not as fantastic as other brands but they can still expect a decent amount.
  3. I think it was distinctly better before all the Dec sales :crybaby:
  4. even with all the sale, I still couldn't get my dream paddy. how much longer must a girl wait??? :crybaby:
  5. What's your dream paddy seahorse?
  6. I have had a molly listed since last summer. I have had a betty listed since Dec.... SLOW sales.
  7. a blanc medium paddy, where are the sales??? :love:
  8. I think thats such a pop colour that it didn't really go on sale in many places - good luck with your hunt - I am sure it will come one day!
  9. thanks secret! I actually got one from lvr, but they canceled my order. I shall keep waiting :graucho:
  10. The retail sales are killing resale on eBay. Ebay will pick up ..... Retail purse finds are pretty picked over at this point -- but there certainly were some major deals on almost EVERY designer!
  11. thanks leanbeanee! Let me check out the shipping cost.
  12. Why did they cancel the order??
  13. That blanc is nice, but still expensive. I'm hoping for the type of 50% sale that NAP had last year.
  14. they said my cc declined :crybaby: